Top Republican smacks Joe Biden with the most stunning criminal accusation

James Comer

The walls are closing in on President Biden. His web of crimes are being found out.

Because a top Republican just smacked Joe Biden with the most insane criminal accusation ever.

Back during the 2020 election season, Joe Biden promised the American people that he would a scandal-free President that the average American could get behind.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Some say he might be more corrupt than his Democrat predecessor Barack Obama ever was, and that’s saying a lot considering Barack Obama has the likes of Benghazi in his closet of scandals.

The reason Biden might be the most corrupt President Americans have seen in recent years is because of the way he is using the federal government against his political enemies and to defend himself.

House Republicans even started a committee to investigate the Biden admin’s weaponization of the federal government because of how bad it’s been.

Now one of the top Republicans investigating Joe Biden, the House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), believes he has figured out just how deep the corruption goes.

James Comer has accused the Biden administration of using the FBI and the National Archives to play cover for him against the investigations being conducted by House Republicans.

He accused those two government institutions of trying to “play defense for the Bidens.”

Specifically, he said that those two agencies will not cooperate with the House Republicans to confirm or deny whether Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden tried to send classified intel to foreign entities.

Comer shared the details about this on a Fox News appearance with Mark Levin.

“Look at what Joe Biden did. His documents are strewn in at least four different locations, and we suspect that one to two documents that were in his possession are on the president’s son’s laptop in an email to a foreign national, but we can’t get the FBI or the National Archives to confirm that to us,” Comer said.

“That’s another missing piece to our investigation,” he shared with Levin.

“We need information from these deep state bureaucracies, and so far, all they’ve done is play defense for the Bidens.”

He continued on saying that the FBI refusing to cooperate with the investigations has completely destroyed American trust in the FBI to operate independently of the politics of the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

“At least 50% of America thinks the FBI is somewhat corrupt. They think they are compromised,” Comer said.

If Comer is right, then Biden would most certainly be the most corrupt President in quite a long time.

A complete political takeover of the FBI and the National Archives is a massive accusation that likely reaches the level of treason worthy of impeachment.

If Comer keeps pulling on these strings, the Biden administration could go down in the history books as one of the darkest times in American politics because of how truly authoritarian his regime is.

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