Tragedy strikes Capitol Hill after the death of this leading Democrat Senator

senator lieberman

Politics are full of unknowns. But this was the last thing anyone expected to happen.

And tragedy strikes Capitol Hill after the death of this leading Democrat Senator.

Joseph Lieberman, a former Democrat U.S. Senator, passed away last Wednesday at 82 years old.

Lieberman was a former vice presidential candidate for the Democrat Party in 2000. He ran alongside former Vice President Al Gore.

His death was a result of “complications from a fall,” according to a statement from his family.

“His beloved wife, Hadassah, and members of his family were with him as he passed.”

“Senator Lieberman’s love of God, his family, and America endured throughout his life of service in the public interest.”

Lieberman previously served as the attorney general for Connecticut, as well as a state senator.

He was elected to the United States Senate afterwards in 1988.

Shockingly enough, Lieberman had some independent viewpoints and would even reject his own party’s beliefs at times.

In 2008, he endorsed former Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for president. He did so during a speech at the Republican National Convention.

“What, after all, is a Democrat like me doing at a Republican convention like this?” Lieberman said during his speech.

“Well, I’ll tell you what: I’m here to support John McCain because country matters more than party. I am here tonight for a simple reason. John McCain is the best choice to bring our country together and lead America forward.”

We all know McCain was one of the most RINO Republicans out there, but seeing a Democrat cross party lines like that is something that you wouldn’t really see today.

Sure, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has gone against several of Biden’s policies, but he would never come forward and outright endorse Donald Trump for president.

Lieberman was also one of the first big-name Democrats to criticize former President Bill Clinton for having an affair with Monica Lewinsky during his time as president.

Other fellow politicians offered their condolences to Lieberman’s family on various platforms such as social media.

“Connecticut is shocked by Senator Lieberman’s sudden passing. In an era of political carbon copies, Joe Lieberman was a singularity. One of one,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said in a post to X.

“He fought and won for what he believed was right and for the state he adored. My thoughts are with Hadassah and the entire family.”

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