Joe Biden’s troubling story about children will make your jaw drop

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Biden’s interactions with the youth in this nation have been nothing short of disturbing. There’s a reason why some label him as creepy.

And Joe Biden’s troubling story about children will make your jaw drop.

President Joe Biden made a campaign stop in Scranton, Pennsylvania last week.

While speaking to a crowd of supporters in his hometown, he told them that he usually sees kids around the ages of 7 and 8 give him the middle finger while he’s driving through their rural neighborhoods.

Biden also pointed out how he’ll pass by yard signs that say “F Biden” on them.

“I’ve never thought I’d see a time when I’m going through a – a neighborhood or a rural town that’s in the West and see big signs that have a Trump sign in the middle that says ‘F Biden’ and having a little kid standing with his middle finger – seven years old, eight years old,” the president said.

“Well, I promise, it happens all the time. It’s not who we are.”

Ouch! That has to hurt the president’s ego for sure. And that is if he’s even telling the truth.

President Biden has been known to tell a tall tale or two to help earn him some favor among his supporters and prospective voters.

And the whether you agree with the children’s sentiments of flipping the president off or not, this shows you just how unpopular Joe Biden is right now.

His approval ratings are a disaster right now, which has Democrats worried about his chances of winning reelection.

Biden made the comments about being flipped off after he discussed why he ran for president in 2020.

He told the lie about former President Donald Trump’s comments regarding the Charlottesville, Virginia protests in 2017 which involved a group of white supremacists and ANTIFA.

“And my future opponent, my present opponent – they asked him what he thought of it. He said there were ‘very good people on both sides,'” Biden said referring to Trump.

“And I’m going to say something that may sound outrageous to you, but I thought … he’s the antithesis of everything I believe, and I thought I could beat him. And that’s why I ran.”

Donald Trump did say there were fine people on both sides, but he was referring to those who were protesting against white supremacists and those who were protesting against the removal of a historical Confederate monument in Charlottesville. Trump ended up condemning the white supremacists who ended up emerging onto the scene that day, but of course, the Left and Joe Biden decided to ignore that.

Below is a clip of Biden repeating the same old Charlottesville lie during a college graduation address:

Perhaps President Biden’s habit of lying about almost everything under the sun is what’s driving his approval numbers down so low.

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