Trump can’t believe how a former admin official just betrayed him


The Trump indictment case is now underway. And it’s got everyone talking.

But Donald Trump can’t believe how a former admin official just betrayed him in this huge way.

Anthony Scaramucci was an interesting character during his time within the Trump administration that was ultimately short-lived.

Scaramucci was originally an assistant to President Trump and the director of the White House Office of Public Liason and Intergovernmental Affairs when Trump was installed into office in January of 2017.

Scaramucci’s appointment to the role within the Office of Public Liason was delayed for a variety of reasons, as some say that he couldn’t get the approval from the United States Office of Government Ethics for the role.

Just a few months later, it was announced that Scaramucci would no longer be the director of the Office of Public Liason, and instead, George Sifakis would serve the Trump administration in that role.

In July of 2017, though, Scaramucci was appointed by Donald Trump to be his White House Communications Director after it was announced that the Press Secretary Sean Spicer was leaving.

Only eleven days later, Scaramucci would be let go by John F. Kelly, Trump’s new chief of staff at the time, on the day that Kelly was sworn into the Trump administration.

This all left Scaramucci with a bitter taste in his mouth about how the Trump administration operated and how he felt about Donald Trump himself.

Now, with Trump news all over the place, Scaramucci is giving his two cents about the Trump 2024 campaign and the indictment battles Donald Trump is facing while he is seeking his second term in the White House.

Anthony Scaramucci is predicting that Trump will actually drop out of the race for President in 2024 due to the legal troubles he is facing.

Not only that, but Scaramucci says that Trump will be dropping out before the Iowa caucuses that kick off the Republican primary race.

“I think he ends up eventually dropping out of the race,” Scaramucci argued while appearing on Chris Cuomo’s show on NewsNation.

Furthermore, he said that he believes Trump will be effectively forced to drop out because he will want to agree to a plea deal that prevents him from going to prison, but forces him out of the race.

“And I think he ends up coming up with some type of Spiro Agnew-like plea where he’s out, doesn’t go to jail. Something happens to him but not too significant. And I don’t think he makes it to the Iowa caucus.”

Interestingly, he said he believes that while Trump is in it to win it, he says that he has information that his family members are not on the same page as Trump.

He says that his daughter Ivanka Trump as well as several other close family members simply aren’t “with him this time,” concerning running for a second term as president.

“I think that’s weighing on him,” said Scaramucci.

It’s hard to know how much of this is true, but it is a unique take that Scaramucci has.

It seems unlikely that Trump will be dropping out of the race before the Iowa caucuses. Even if he is convicted, nothing prevents him from running for office and even winning.

Trump really doesn’t want to step to the side and let Ron DeSantis have a straight path to the White House when he believes that he’s owed a rematch with Biden from 2020.

But it is possible, as Scaramucci points out, that Trump’s hand is forced in a deal to stay out of prison.

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