Trump didn’t mince words in latest attack on this former friend

Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump has never been a fan of the media. He’s not been shy of airing out his grievances against them.

And Trump didn’t mince words in his latest attack on this former friend.

Recently, former President Donald Trump sat down with Megyn Kelly for an interview on her show, The Megyn Kelly Show.

Kelly asked Trump questions covering an array of topics, like Dr. Fauci, transgenderism, and Biden’s age and impeachment.

Donald Trump, however, felt as if Megyn Kelly was being too tough with her questioning.

He even called her out for it during a rally in Iowa.

“I did a Megyn Kelly [interview], and she y’know, just, she became nastier all of a sudden,” Trump said of Kelly.

“She was pretty nasty, didn’t you think, anybody that watched it?”

The former President is likely frustrated with the criticism he’s received on the Right after some weak answers he gave to Kelly’s questions.

One of those questions involves the subject of transgenderism.

Kelly asked Trump, “Can a man become a woman?”

“In my opinion, you have a man, you have a woman. I think part of it is birth. Can the man give birth? No, no, although they’ll come up with some answer to that also someday,” Donald Trump said in response.

Megyn Kelly and Republicans thought that Trump’s answer was incredibly weak and that he should’ve been quick to answer “no” to her question.

Not only that, but Trump also was grilled on giving Dr. Fauci a Presidential Commendation, to which he denied.

“You [Trump] made [Fauci] a star. This is the criticism of you, that you made him the face of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. That he was out at every presser, that he was running herd for the administration on Covid, and that you actually gave him a Presidential Commendation before you left office,” Kelly said.

“Wouldn’t you like a do-over on that?”

“I really don’t know who gave him the commendation. I wouldn’t have done it,” Trump replied.

Yet, in January of 2021, Trump did indeed reward Dr. Fauci for his role in Operation Warp Speed which helped get the COVID vaccine out to the public.

Donald Trump is far more capable of handling tough interviewers like Megyn Kelly, than his rival, Joe Biden. But he needs to be able to show that he’s also able to handle criticism during these interviews, if he wants to continue rising in the polls.

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