Trump just received a death wish from one of his biggest enemies


The former president is hated by many. But no one hates him as much as this deranged Leftist.

And Trump just received a death wish from one of his biggest enemies.

Radical Leftist and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel didn’t mince words about Donald Trump in his monologue last Thursday night.

Kimmel, host of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, has major hatred towards the former president and spends most of his shows bashing him.

But this time, his bashing went too far as he practically wished for Trump’s death.

While speaking about Trump’s legal issues and his hope that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of his presidential immunity argument, Kimmel detailed how angry Trump will be if the nation’s high court rules against him.

“Let me tell you something – if those three judges he appointed to the Supreme Court take this case and rule against him, he is going to blow a whale-sized windmill out of his a**. I mean, it might actually kill him,” Kimmel said.

“Sometimes I wonder, once Trump is dead and gone and buried on the 18th hole of one of his golf courses, will things get better? Or will we have a whole new crop of MAGA brains to deal with?”

The unhinged talk show host then went on to make jokes about former first lady Melania Trump’s mother’s funeral that occurred recently.

Kimmel’s hatred of Trump and his supporters has lost him tons of viewers over the years.

The ratings of his late night talk show have gone down considerably and rightfully so.

Even Kimmel himself has acknowledged that attacking Trump has lost him “half of my fans – maybe more than that.”

And the latest joke about dreaming of the former president’s death, will only lose him even more fans.

Jimmy Kimmel is set to host the Oscars in March.

Last year when he hosted the award show, only 16 million people tuned in.

That’s a 50% decline than what the Oscars was able to bring in when Kimmel hosted in 2017.

The American public has had enough of Kimmel’s wokeness that he brings on stage with him.

But it doesn’t look like poor ratings will stop him from continuing to bash Trump and Republicans.

Maybe ABC will eventually cancel his show altogether once they’ve grown tired of his slot producing nothing but abysmal ratings.

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