Trump voters are blindsided after Melania Trump delivered this sobering announcement

melania trump

The former first lady has been rather quiet during this election cycle. But now she’s broken her silence in a big way.

And Trump voters are blindsided after Melania Trump delivered this sobering announcement.

Melania Trump, the wife of former President Donald Trump, hasn’t been too active thus far on the campaign trail.

She does plan on getting more involved as the presidential election creeps closer, but supporters of Trump have been curious as to what she’s exactly been up to while her husband has been busy campaigning.

But now a report shows that the former first lady won’t be all that active in the White House if the presidential election goes the Republican’s way this year.

Melania Trump could potentially return to the White House if Donald Trump secures a win in the upcoming November election. However, it appears she may not reside there full-time.

According to a report from Axios, Melania Trump is expected to divide her time between Palm Beach, Florida, and New York. Since leaving the White House in January 2021, the Trumps have been living at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

The report indicates that Melania would visit the White House for ceremonial duties, including special events and state dinners, but she would not be a full-time resident.

During Donald Trump’s first term, Melania Trump did not move into the White House until June 2017, reportedly to avoid disrupting their son Barron’s school year. Barron was 10 years old when his father was inaugurated in January 2017.

While at the White House, Melania led several renovation and restoration projects in the White House.

Notable projects included the refurbished tennis pavilion and an updated Rose Garden.

Though she played a significant role in Donald Trump’s administration with her “Be Best” initiative, Melania Trump has maintained a low profile since leaving the White House, avoiding the campaign trail and attention brought on herself.

She made brief public appearances at former first lady Rosalynn Carter’s funeral in November 2023 and at a ceremony for Bill of Rights Day at the National Archives in December 2023. Additionally, she delivered a eulogy at her mother’s funeral in January.

Melania Trump’s first campaign appearance was at a fundraising event with the GOP LGBT group Log Cabin Republicans several months ago.

She is scheduled to host a second fundraiser for the group next month.

Some may wonder if Melania staying away from the campaign trail and the White House in a future second Trump term means that she and the former president have a rocky relationship.

And while that is purely speculative, the likely answer is that she simply doesn’t enjoy the spotlight like her husband does.

Not only that, but she’s also not a natural campaigner like he is.

Melania Trump will appear more in public in due time, but for now, she’s content with taking care of Barron and helping to support Donald Trump behind the scenes.

The Federalist Wire will keep you updated with any more news regarding future Melania Trump campaign appearances.