Trump’s possible pick for Vice President will leave you speechless

donald trump

Running side by side with a leading candidate like former President Trump is no easy task. But this politician believes they have what it takes.

And Trump’s possible pick for Vice President will leave you speechless.

Former President Trump has many Republican allies who would love to propel him to victory as his running mate.

But some are more outspoken about it than others.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Rep, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is only in her second term in the House but she already has her eyes on a bigger perch.”

“Greene told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she could run for a Senate seat and would consider becoming former President Donald Trump’s running mate as he seeks reelection.”

Greene also threw out the idea of being in Donald Trump’s cabinet should he win re-election.

Despite only being in her second term as a Congresswoman, Greene has solidified herself as a loyal Trump ally.

This support has stayed steady even as the former President is facing his latest indictment, this time in Georgia, Greene’s home state.

But as much as Greene supports Donald Trump, her opposition to President Joe Biden is just as strong.

This was evident when she introduced articles of impeachment against the current President and presented photographs of a nude Hunter Biden during a congressional hearing.

While her actions are in the same line of thinking as Trump’s, her potential candidacy as Vice President might not be the best option for the former President.

From the Washington Examiner, “Greene’s antics may play with her constituents in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District but may not help Trump win back centrists and suburban women voters who drifted towards the Democratic Party during his administration.”

The Trump campaign had no comment in regards to Greene’s offer to be Vice President.

“There’s certainly no incentive for a campaign to respond to someone’s offer that ‘Gee, I’d be glad to be your vice president’ because this is a very valuable item to give away to someone” Charles Bullock, a University of Georgia political scientist, said to the Washington Examiner.

“And so the whole idea even of having the offer made and accepted prior to the convention is relatively new history.”

There’s no doubt that Marjorie Taylor Greene has confidence.

But time will tell whether or not Donald Trump will be swayed by that confidence and pick her as his running mate, or leave her in the dust for someone who comes across less eager and desperate.

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