Tucker Carlson exposed Chuck Schumer live on television with this stunning revelation

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is known for being unafraid to speak his mind. That’s why the radical Left hates him more than anyone else in the media.

And now Tucker Carlson has completely exposed Chuck Schumer live on his show with this jaw-dropping revelation.

Ask anyone what the number one issue facing America right now is and you’ll get a few popular answers to your question.

Many say it’s inflation and the housing crisis, or in other words, the state of our economy in general.

Some say it’s national security with wars being waged internationally that are trying to drag America in.

But virtually everyone agrees that the southern border illegal immigration crisis is one of the most concerning immediate issues, if not the most.

There have been severe consequences from the Joe Biden administration effectively letting illegal immigrants pour over the southern border at levels never seen before.

It’s led a ton of Americans left to wonder if the Democrats have ulterior motives by basically inviting illegal immigrants into the United States.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is one such individual who wants to know what’s going on. But it seems he might have answered his own question on his show.

Carlson was discussing the issue of immigration and how it goes back to the Obama administration who set the precedent for Democrats to start viewing illegal immigrants as “dreamers” rather than individuals who broke the law of another sovereign country.

“Henceforth, Barack Obama explained, these millions of people would no longer be identified, in fact, as ‘illegal aliens’ or even breakers of federal law, which everyone had assumed they were. No. Going forward, they would be called ‘Dreamers.’ So illegal aliens are bad, of course, but Dreamers are good,” Tucker Carlson explained.

“And because to control language is to control reality, these Dreamers would no longer be subject to federal law,” he added.

He goes on to note how normally countries will be happy to accept increased immigration if they are in need of it and be selective with who they want to bring into their borders. This is true for much of American history as well, as Carlson explains.

“Typically a country calculates its immigration levels based on its internal needs. So all throughout American history, there have been periods where, ‘Oh, we need people to do this or that. Let’s import those people.'” Carlson went on to say.

He then asked the million dollar question about why the Democrats are letting immigrants cross the border illegally with little resistance. And the answer is not one Chuck Schumer will find to his liking.

“So why are they coming?” Carlson asked.

“There’s only one reason. Because the Democratic Party wants new voters, period. That’s not a racist conspiracy. No, it’s not. It’s true. And we know that it’s true not because we heard on Alex Jones, but because leading Democrats have said so repeatedly in public for years,” Carlson argued.

Tucker Carlson then shared a quote from Chuck Schumer where he quite literally said Democrats are seeking a “path to citizenship for all 11 million” undocumented immigrants in the United States right now.

“The only way we’re going to have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants, the Dreamers, and all of them. Because our ultimate goal is to help the Dreamers but get a path to citizenship for all 11 million or however many undocumented there are here,” the Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chucker Schumer said.

Carlson would go on to argue that the goal of the Democrats is to disenfranchise American voters and create a new voting bloc built from the new votes from illegal immigrants granted amnesty by the Democrats.

As Carlson said, this isn’t some wacky conspiracy theory anymore. This is what the Democrats are admitting to doing in their own words and their own political agendas.

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