Unhinged Democrat makes horrifying bomb threat against this conservative

Andy Ngo

The Democrat party has been intimidating their rivals for decades now. But now they have clearly taken it way too far.

And an unhinged Democrat made a horrifying bomb threat against this conservative.

A Democrat Party official in Richmond, Virginia, posted a bomb threat against journalist Andy Ngo on Friday.

The threat was one of many that came from radical leftists ahead of Ngo’s speaking event, which resulted in two venues pulling out at the last minute.

Jimmie Lee Jarvis, the owner of Mission Control Research and Consulting in Richmond, posted the bomb threat on X ahead of Ngo’s speaking event in Richmond, Virginia.

The post included an image of dynamite with Jarvis writing in the description box, “On my way to the Andy Ngo event!”

Jarvis is listed as an official member of the Richmond City Democratic Committee on the official website of the Richmond Democrats.

Antifa and far-left activists utilized social media platforms like X and Instagram to encourage fellow “comrades” to harass the venues with threats of violence in multiple calls-to-action.

An account on X with the username @DSTRadicals provided a script for people to say when they call the front desk, which falsely claims that Ngo is a “homophobic neo-nazi” and that his supporters will show up “armed” with weapons.

A flyer posted to social media by Robyn Proffer, who is behind the “Nonbinarymachinelanguage” account on Instagram and “enbyMachine” on X, labeled Ngo as among the “fascists” and strongly asserted that his presence is not welcomed in Virginia.

“Fascists not welcome in RVA. Andy Ngo, we said it and we mean it. Stay out of our city,” the flyer read, which features a photo of a violent assault carried out against Ngo in Portland in 2019 by members of Rose City Antifa.

Proffer was arrested in Richmond in 2020 amid the destructive BLM riots that spread across the country and Ngo reported on her arrest.

After the event concluded, Ngo posted about its success on X despite Antifa’s attempts to thwart it from happening.

“My live speaking event in Richmond, Va. at a third secret location has concluded. I am safe. Despite threats and two venues canceling, hundreds heard about the Antifa terrorism parallels between Richmond and Portland.” Ngo wrote.

The Radical Left has moved from their attempts at suppressing their political rivals to now threatening the lives of anyone who disagrees with them.

The bomb threat against Andy Ngo is a chilling example of the left’s growing intolerance of dissent, and this recent bomb threat is just the latest attempt to silence Ngo and other conservative figures.

The fact that a Democrat Party official posted the bomb threat is particularly concerning. The Democratic Party is increasingly tolerant of violence and intimidation as a means of suppressing dissent.

And not only is the Democrat Party tolerant of violence, but they are also now committing and encouraging it.

The Radical Left’s attempts to silence dissenting voices are a threat to our democracy. We must stand up against this threat and defend the right of all people to express their views.

The American people must unite against the left’s intolerance of dissent.

It is time to send a clear message to the Radical Left: we will not be silenced.

We will stand up for our values and defend our democracy against the Radical Left and its fascist supporters.

Stay tuned to The Federalist Wire as we bring you the TRUTH the Radical Left will not.