US House of Representatives makes a move that could see key Biden ally detained

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna

The Radical Left seems to be falling apart. And now, they have nowhere to hide anymore.

Because the US House of Representatives made a move that could see key Biden ally detained.

In a bold move reflecting the growing frustration within the GOP, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) is urging her colleagues to back her resolution to empower the House sergeant-at-arms to detain Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The resolution comes as a direct response to Garland’s refusal to comply with subpoenas demanding audio files from the classified documents probe involving President Joe Biden.

Luna’s call to action underscores the deepening rift between House Republicans and the Biden administration.

She posted a photo on X (formerly Twitter), showcasing a stack of letters addressed to her fellow House Republicans, indicating her team’s effort to gather support.

In her letter, Luna emphasizes the urgency of the situation, stating that the House’s ability to legislate effectively and fulfill its constitutional duties is at stake.

The controversy centers on audio files of interviews with Biden and his ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer, conducted as part of special counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents.

While Hur’s team chose not to recommend charges against Biden, they described him as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Despite the House voting to hold Garland in contempt of Congress, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has refused to prosecute, citing Biden’s assertion of executive privilege over the tapes.

Luna’s resolution seeks to invoke the House’s inherent contempt powers, a rarely used measure not employed since 1934.

If enacted, it could lead to the House sergeant-at-arms taking Garland into custody should he continue to defy the subpoenas.

This drastic measure highlights the GOP’s determination to hold the administration accountable, a stance echoed by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), who has vowed to pursue legal action.

However, not all Republicans are on board with Luna’s aggressive approach. Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH) previously broke ranks, joining Democrats in voting against holding Garland in contempt.

Joyce, a former prosecutor, criticized the resolution for further politicizing the judicial system, arguing that Congress should focus on policy problems and good governance instead.

The resolution is expected to face significant opposition, with reports suggesting Garland has reached out to moderate Republicans, urging them to reject Luna’s effort.

There may be attempts to table the measure before it reaches a final vote, but Luna remains resolute, emphasizing the importance of the audio files for oversight purposes.

The move to detain Garland underscores the GOP’s broader strategy to highlight perceived biases and failures within the Biden administration and its appointees.

Luna’s resolution, while controversial, aims to draw attention to what Republicans see as a lack of transparency and accountability from the DOJ under Garland’s leadership.

This effort is part of a larger campaign to restore what they believe is the proper balance of power and ensure that executive branch officials are held accountable to Congress.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna’s call to detain Attorney General Merrick Garland marks a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict between House Republicans and the Biden administration.

As the House gears up for a potentially historic vote, the resolution’s outcome will likely have far-reaching implications for the balance of power and the future of congressional oversight in America.

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