US Senator ambushed in an explosive confrontation

marco rubio

There’s no low too low for radicals in politics. But what they just did crosses a line.

And one US Senator was ambushed in an explosive confrontation.

Democrats have been playing the long game over the past few years.

They’ve built up an angry mob of mindless protesters and rioters who will jump when the Democrat Party tells them to.

Couple that with the fact that they have systematically dehumanized Republicans and anyone who dares to stand in their way, and you’re asking for a breakdown in society.

We see it all around us. The respect and benefit of the doubt people used to give is over.

It’s every man and woman (if you even know what one is) for themselves.

And one Senator learned that the hard way.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) clashed with a far-left activist this week who was pressuring him to call for a cease-fire in Gaza in the midst of Israel’s war to rid the region of Hamas militants.

The activist, Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, who has defended Hamas on X, approached Rubio in a building hallway in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday and asked him in an ambush interview, “Senator Rubio, will you call for a ceasefire in Gaza?”

“No, I will not,” Rubio said.

“On the contrary — are you filming this? I want you guys to get this.”

“I want them to destroy every element of Hamas they can get their hands on,” he said.

“These people are vicious animals who did horrifying crimes, and I hope you guys post that, because that’s my position.”

“And what about the civilians that are being killed every day?” Benjamin inquired.

“I blame Hamas for that,” Rubio said.

“Hamas should stop hiding behind civilians, putting civilians in the way. Hamas knew that this was going to lead to this. So Hamas must stop building their military installations underneath hospitals, underneath civilian –”

Benjamin highlighted figures from Hamas’ Gaza Ministry of Health, which has a history of dishonesty, and questioned Rubio if he didn’t care about innocent people dying.

“Absolutely I do,” Rubio said.

“I care, I think it’s horrifying, I think it’s terrible, and I think Hamas is a hundred percent to blame. That’s what I think.”

“Make sure you post that please,” he said before stepping away.


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