What Jill Biden just did to U.S. citizens will have you sick to your stomach

Jill Biden

The Biden family is full of bad actors. And that includes the first lady.

Because what Jill Biden just did to U.S. citizens will have you sick to your stomach.

Hunter Biden’s recent trial in Wilmington, Delaware brought out family members and friends who wanted to attend the trial to support him.

One of those supporters was his step-mother, First Lady Jill Biden.

But Mrs. Biden had a busy schedule during Hunter’s trial, including a visit to Normandy, France to observe D-Day’s 80th anniversary with her husband President Joe Biden.

So that meant that she had to fly back and forth from Delaware to Paris.

At first that doesn’t seem like a big deal because first ladies are usually very busy and have to hop on a plane frequently.

But what makes it so noteworthy, is that Jill Biden’s plane trips from Hunter’s trial to France will cost U.S. taxpayers $345,000.

And to add salt on the wound, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will only be paying for just a small amount of the total price for those plane trips.

“In accordance with relevant regulations utilized across administrations, the government is reimbursed the value of a first-class fare for these flights to Wilmington and back to Paris,” the office of Jill Biden said to the Daily Mail.

Because of Jill Biden’s status as first lady, she’s not permitted to fly commercially. She also has to fly with an entire Secret Service detail.

But since it was just her flying, a Boeing C-32 was used instead of Air Force One.

And according to the United States Air Force, the rate of a C-32 costs $13,816 per hour.

Jill Biden ended up taking three 8 hour flights in the C-32 plane.

The DNC has yet to announce how much it will pay towards the flights.

But it can be expected that their reimbursement won’t be near as much as taxpayers want it to be.

And yes, it’s important for a step-mother to support her step-son.

But U.S. citizens won’t be nearly as sympathetic to that considering the legal trouble Hunter Biden has gotten himself into.

Not only that, but many feel as though up until his recent guilty verdict, he was coddled and unfairly protected by the Bidens and the mainstream media despite his criminal actions.

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