What Joe Biden was caught on camera doing has everyone worried sick

Joe Biden

The health of Joe Biden is a real concern for millions of Americans. And it’s only getting worse.

Because what Joe Biden was caught on camera doing has everyone worried sick for the President.

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden enjoyed the visit of Israel’s President Isaac Herzog for some general friendly discussion and diplomatic discussion.

That all sounds great, right?

Well, it would’ve been if it wasn’t for how Joe Biden carried himself in the meetings with Isaac Herzog.

Look, we get it. Joe Biden is more than 80 years old now. He’s not going to be the young gun that he once was with unending energy.

But that being said, there’s plenty of 80-year-olds who have tons more energy than Joe Biden has. Which is what makes these videos so concerning.

Videos of the meetings with Herzog show Joe Biden making weird comments about Israel that seem inappropriate as well as the President nearly falling asleep.

First of all, Joe Biden said he could recall the last 75 years of history of the state of Israel. History that has been extremely consequential for stability in the Middle East.

Also, what in the world did he say in the first half of that clip? Lord only knows.

Okay, but did he redeem himself later in the meeting with Herzog? Sadly, no. Joe Biden was glued to his notes and would rarely make eye contact with Herzog.

How many more “uhs” and “uhms” do you think Joe Biden could’ve fit in there? At least a few more, right?

I mean how much worse does our President have to get before we say enough is enough?

At the end of the meeting with Herzog, Joe Biden thanked the Israeli President for his friendship, which was good to hear. But did he end it on a high note? Of course not.

When President Biden was hit with questions from the press, he ignored all of them and looked at the camera with serious concern like he was totally out of his element.

This was yet another chance for President Biden to exemplify strength and surety alongside America’s allies, but it was yet another example of Biden fumbling it all.

Simply put, he looked awful in this meeting with Herzog. At the most fundamental level, we should all be concerned for Joe Biden as a human being that he is being put in positions that he clearly isn’t doing well in.

Shame on whomever didn’t discourage Joe Biden from running for yet another term in the White House.

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