What Kevin McCarthy just said about Trump stunned everyone

kevin mccarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is at a crossroads. Everyone wants to know what he really thinks about Donald Trump.

And what Kevin McCarthy just said about Trump stunned everyone.

The news of Donald Trump’s possible indictment has been dominating the news for nearly a week now, with no signs of slowing down.

Dozens of high-profile politicians in Washington, D.C., and throughout the country are weighing in on the news of Trump to score political points with their voting bases.

The Leftist Media, in particular, is trying to sell this as a “win” for the country, even though the indictment and arrest of a former U.S. President is uncharted territory that is obviously dangerous.

But not everyone is being bullied into weighing in on the subject.

Republicans just had their major annual retreat in Orlando, Florida where many of the most important conservative, Republicans show up and strategize within the Party.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was one of those high-profile Republicans and was asked for his thoughts on the possible Trump indictment.

McCarthy wasn’t having any of it though.

McCarthy responded, firmly but respectfully that, “we’re not talking about this in our conference.”

“No, we’re not talking about this in our conference. You’re just asking about it. So it only dominates your asking,” McCarthy said a reporter asking about the Manhattan DA potentially indicting former President Trump.

He continued to note that the GOP is focused on critical issues like dealing with the rise of Communist China, American energy independence, and tackling inflation.

“We’re excited about doing something to make sure we’re not dependent on China. We’re very excited about making sure children and parents have a say in their kids’ education. We’re excited about making America energy-independent,” McCarthy said.

He did say, in no uncertain terms though, that what was happening to Trump is “wrong” and that he wanted to see equal justice applied to that situation.

McCarthy even noted that even some Democrats appearing on CNN have noted that this witch hunt against Donald Trump is unhelpful and unjust as well.

The House Speaker also implied that the Manhattan D.A. office is corrupt, saying that it’s a “political game” they are playing.

“What we see before us is a political game being played by a local — look, this isn’t New York City — this is just a Manhattan — this is just a borough D.A., okay?” McCarthy said.

This is exactly the approach many conservative Americans want to see out of big-name Republicans like Kevin McCarthy.

We can’t let political games get in the way of taking on issues that are seriously hurting millions of Americans like the economy and imminent threats of America like Chinese Communists.

At the same time though, it’s right that what the Manhattan D.A. office is doing is unjust. So calling that out is the right thing to do.

Regardless of what happens, there needs to be a plan to focus on the issues hurting Americans right now. Kevin McCarthy is signaling that he agrees with that.

Check out the clip from the conference below.