White House Press Briefing ERUPTS after a shocking accusation

karine jean-pierre

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s only job is to lie for Joe Biden. When she gets called out on it, she loses her mind.

And a White House Press Briefing ERUPTS after a shocking accusation.

On Monday, the White House press briefing room exploded after an African-focused reporter accused press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre of making a “mockery of the First Amendment.”

The cast of the Apple TV comedy “Ted Lasso,” who was visiting the White House to talk with President Joe Biden about mental health awareness, followed Jean-Pierre to the briefing room platform. Immediately after taking the podium, Today News Africa correspondent Simon Ateba hurled accusations of discrimination at Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre sought to keep Ateba quiet. “We’re not doing this,” she told him repeatedly.

Ateba pressed forward: “You’ve been discriminating against me. You’ve been discriminating against some people in the briefing room. And I’m saying that this is the U.S. This is not China, this is not Russia.”

“What you are doing, you are making a mockery of the First Amendment,” Ateba continued over protests from others in the briefing room. “It’s been seven months. You have not called on me. I’m saying that’s not right.”

White House personnel and other reporters frequently warned Ateba to be quiet, accusing him of disrespecting the briefing room and the other media.

“Sir, let it go,” someone said.

“Decorum, please!” another yelled.

As Ateba calmed down, the press conference proceeded with remarks from Jean-Pierre and “Ted Lasso” star Jason Sudeikis. Following Sudeikis’ remarks, the actor and the rest of his co-stars exited the room.

As the cast had left, Ateba went into Jean-Pierre once more.

“You can’t keep discriminating against some people in the briefing room because you don’t like them, you don’t like their questions,” he said. “That’s not right. This is not China, this is not Russia. This is the United States.”

Others in the room appeared to be tired of Ateba’s disturbance.

“The rest of us are here too, pal,” someone snarked.

“If you have grievances, you should being them to her later,” another stated.

“It isn’t always about you, Simon,” said another.

Ateba continued undaunted, “I understand that you get questions all the time and you don’t understand what it is to sit here for eight months and be discriminated against. I understand that you’re in the front row … and you get questions all the time, but there are people in the back who don’t get any questions.”

A reporter in the briefing room then lashed out at Ateba: “Don’t make assumptions about what the rest of us do, mind your manners when you’re in here, if you have a problem bring it up afterwards, but you are impinging on everybody in here who’s only trying to do their job.”

After a few more conversations, Ateba called it a day. Jean-Pierre then delivered a speech to the briefing room about what had just happened.

“As you all know, many of you know, this is the White House press briefing room, a historic room, a room that should have decorum, a room where folks should respect their colleagues and respect the guests that are here. And I understand that there is going to be give and take,” Jean-Pierre said. “I will always respect that. But what I will not appreciate is disrespecting your colleagues and disrespecting guests who are here, who were here to talk about an incredibly important issue which is mental health.”

“What has just occurred these last 10-15 minutes is unacceptable,” she said. “So we are either going to continue the briefing or we can just end the briefing right here.”

The press secretary continued her remarks after someone in the audience responded that they wanted the briefing to continue.

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