White House staff caught red-handed trying to advance radical agenda

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The Biden White House is a mess. But despite the chaos surrounding them, they’re still trying to spread their harmful ideologies.

And White House staff were caught red-handed trying to advance this radical agenda.

It’s common knowledge at this point that President Joe Biden likely doesn’t use his social media accounts to spread messages.

Biden can barely get up on stage and make a speech without fumbling over his words, so it’s hard to imagine that he’s able to use a smart phone or computer to make a post on X (formerly Twitter).

So instead of the president making these posts, his staff in the White House are probably the ones doing it for him.

But even so, when one of those staffers makes a mistake on social media, President Biden is heavily criticized for it as well.

And that’s exactly what happened on the July 4 holiday.

Controversy Erupts Over President Biden’s July 4th X Account Banner

President Biden faced significant criticism after his official X account’s banner continued to display a Pride Month theme while failing to acknowledge the nation’s 248th birthday. The issue was highlighted until The Post reached out for clarification.

“Biden’s July 4th profile banner is still all about pride month…Shameful!” one X user commented.

Another added, “Can someone please let Biden know #Pride month is over.”

The situation led to a flurry of comments on social media, with some users criticizing the president’s aides. These aides have been busy defending the 81-year-old president following a challenging debate against GOP contender Donald Trump the previous week.

One user remarked, “On July 4th, ‘Happy Pride Month’ is displayed from the banner of the POTUS’ X account. Biden’s handlers are getting sloppy.”

Others targeted White House staffers who partially attributed Biden’s debate difficulties to him recovering from a cold.

“People who are criticizing President Biden for still having the pride flag up on the Fourth of July should stop. Remember, he still has a cold,” one user sarcastically quipped.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the New York Post on Thursday. However, the banner on the X account was updated later that afternoon to one that read “Happy Fourth of July” with images of fireworks and the presidential seal.

Additionally, the account posted two messages on Thursday celebrating Independence Day. One of them read: “Happy Independence Day, America! May God bless you all. And may God protect our troops.”

But regardless of those posts, the damage had been done from Biden’s X account. It’s obvious that the president and the White House put an inappropriate amount of prioritization on Pride Month when they should have instead done more to celebrate our nation’s independence.

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