A creepy video of Joe Biden was just released that will leave you utterly speechless

Joe Biden

Biden is constantly making people uncomfortable. His awful policy decisions and his awkward demeanor can have that effect.

And a creepy video of Joe Biden was just released that will leave you utterly speechless.

On Tuesday evening, President Joe Biden gave a short speech at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies’ 30th Annual Awards Gala.

Like many of Biden’s speeches these days, it was pretty much a train wreck that was filled with gaffes.

When he brought up Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su during his remarks, he mispronounced her name completely and referred to her as “Judy Su.”

But things got worse for the president and those in attendance, as Biden began to say some rather creepy things while pointing out a woman in the crowd.

“Where is she? Stand up, kid! I like that dress. Let ’em see your gown!” President Biden oddly exclaimed.

The “kid” Biden was referencing was Dr. Arati Prabhakar who serves in his cabinet as the “Director of my Office of Science and Technology.”

And unfortunately for his staff and Democrats in general, Joe Biden wasn’t done with his awkward speech. He continued, making more gaffes along the way.

At one point he was telling a story before stopping after he slurred his words and forgot what he was going to say.

Biden also has had plenty of issues with reading a teleprompter, and Tuesday night was no different.

“They wanna undo what they finally got done and then, what we finally got done and to make up for it. They wanted to, they wanted to give power back to Big Pharma,” the president said, much to the confusion of those listening.

At 81 years old, Joe Biden is constantly struggling through speeches like this. And that’s not to say that anyone in their 80s isn’t capable of making a speech on stage.

Former President Donald Trump is only four years younger than Biden, yet he is more than able to speak to a crowd, and he doesn’t need to always rely on a teleprompter to do so.

It’s obvious that Biden’s mental fitness just isn’t where it needs to be as someone who’s serving as commander-in-chief.

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