A Democrat governor just fell flat on their face after this social media post surfaced

gavin newsom

The Left can’t stay out of their own way. But no one’s been more embarrassed than this politician.

And a Democrat governor just fell flat on their face after this social media post surfaced.

Terror struck Maine Wednesday night, after a madman shot and killed 18 people and wounded 13 others.

Of course, after a mass shooting like this, Democrats took to a variety of platforms to politicize the tragedy and blame Republicans.

“Republicans in Maine rejected a bill this year that would have required a waiting period for firearm purchases. They seriously could not fathom waiting 72 hours to buy a gun,” California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) said in an X post.

“Maine also does not…Ban assault weapons…Require permits to carry a gun in public…Require background checks on all gun sales,” he added.

“We need to amend the Constitution to help prevent tragedies like this.”

The facts were still pouring in from the tragedy as Newsom decided to make that post on social media. He was rightfully criticized for it.

“Please stay the h*ll away from our state and stop politicizing the murder of our friends and neighbors for your political agendas,” Maine state Senator Eric Brakey responded.

Kathy Tavoularis, a city councilwoman in Orange County, California, also shot back at Governor Newsom on X.

“Maine is governed by your party @GavinNewsom – as always your thought process is tired, wrong, and dangerous,” Tavoularis’ post said.

Tavoularis makes a good point, that Democrats have had control of both the Senate and the House in Maine for quite some time.

So Republicans aren’t able to make the changes in favor of gun ownership which Newsom suggests.

In fact, back in June, the failed 72-hour waiting period legislation that the California governor mentions, was voted against by several state senate Democrats.

And while Gavin Newsom wants to tout his state’s success in matters such as gun control and other Leftist causes, perhaps he should realize that the Golden State has suffered 41 mass shootings this year while Maine has only had two.

As state Sen. Brakey mentioned, it’s time for Governor Newsom to stay away from Maine and other states for that matter, and focus on the issues in California that are happening under his watch.

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