A major Democrat just called on Biden to step down

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The 2024 race is picking up, and the president can’t take the heat. Now his own party wants him to bend the knee.

And a major Democrat just called on Biden to step down in a bombshell development.

Veteran top Democratic adviser James Carville says he wishes President Biden wasn’t running for re-election and is concerned that disillusioned young party voters will boycott the November election as a result.

“It isn’t the choice I was crazy about,” admitted Carville, who played a major role in getting former President Clinton first elected in 1992, on 77 WABC radio’s “The Cats Roundtable” on Sunday.

“I thought that President Biden should not run for re-election,” the political guru said.

“But he did — it’s him and Trump — and that’s where I am.”

Carville argued that the Democrats have a strong bench of younger elected officials who would be better suited to the times than the 81-year-old Biden, including Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, and House Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn.

“The under-appreciated thing about the current state of the Democratic Party is there is enormous [talent] – I mean, there’s no Bill Clinton… but … there are any number of current people,” Carville told WABC host John Catsimatidis.

“[Beshear] is a good friend of mine. He’s in a state where the Democrats couldn’t come within 20 points, and he won by 5 or 6 points. There’s so much talent, and a lot of it is young and vigorous and energetic,” said Carville, a Georgia native dubbed the “Ragin Cajun” because of his reputation as a fierce political operative.

“I think Hakeem Jeffries is doing a great job… as [House] leader,” Carville stated.

“I thought that President Biden should consider not running for the election, but that’s not the choice he made. And so, I’ve got to live in the world that I’ve got to live in, not the world I wanted to live in,” the consultant said.

He observed that young voters were critical in electing Clinton and fellow former Democratic President Barack Obama twice, and he is concerned that they are now tuning out Biden and Trump, who is 77 years old.

Carville said their apathy might have long-term consequences for the United States.

“The lack of enthusiasm among young people for public policy and public service and being involved in the public square is quite disheartening,” the consultant said.

“I can understand it on one level. I’ve talked to them, and they feel like a lot of things are not working for them.

“They feel like two 80-year-old guys don’t mean much to them. I am really afraid that we are going to lose the generation of young people. … That’s my greatest fear for the United States, that young people are disengaging,” he said.

Despite his negative appraisal, Carville stated that he is still “1,000 percent” supporting Biden for the White House again.

“That’s the choice I got. I’m voting for Joe Biden,” he said.

And that’s the plight of plenty of Democrats this election cycle.

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