A major Democrat just threw Biden under the bus in a shocking confession

Eric Adams

Joe Biden’s list of allies is growing thin. They are throwing him overboard as quickly as they can.

And a major Democrat just threw Biden under the bus in a shocking confession.

Joe Biden’s presidency seems like it can’t get any worse, but every day seems to bring something worse.

On a personal level, Joe Biden is in the midst of one of the biggest breaches in government security in decades, with dozens of classified documents being discovered in his possession at multiple locations.

And when it comes to policy, Biden, if it’s possible, seems to be doing even worse.

Failing to secure the southern border will likely go down as Biden’s biggest blunder as he’s letting millions upon million into this country unvetted.

With them comes cartels peddling drugs and crime along with diseases and strain on American infrastructure.

The stress these immigrants are placing on critical infrastructure in cities is so pronounced that even Democrats can’t help but blame Biden.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams chastised the Biden administration for neglecting to communicate with major city mayors about federal attempts to address the border crisis, which is costing localities money to house illegal immigrants.

When asked if he had any useful interactions with the Biden administration about “bringing more order to the border,” Adams was candid.

“I was told that we have an individual that’s coordinating the operation, and as I shared with White House officials, why don’t I know who that is?”

Adams visited El Paso, Texas, earlier this month, after President Joe Biden’s tour to raise awareness of the border’s rising concerns.

Adams has been on a public relations effort in recent months to urge the White House into assisting cities in the aftermath of governors from southern states, mainly Florida and Texas, busing migrants to New York.

“[W]hen I took the trip to El Paso, you could see firsthand the impact of how it not only harms the foundation of El Paso, but look at Chicago, Houston, Washington, New York City,” Adams said Wednesday morning on MSNBC.

“This is just unfair for cities to carry the weight of a national problem.”

Later in the conversation, the mayor went so far as to equate the current situation in New York City to a fire.

“If my house is burning, I don’t want to hear about fire prevention. Let’s put out the fire. And the fire right now is the over-proliferation of migrant and asylum seekers in several cities in the country,” Adams argued.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have flooded into New York City, putting a pressure on municipal resources that provide social assistance to the newcomers. According to City Hall, the city spent $366 million last year, with Adams predicting the amount will exceed $2 billion in just the first half of 2023.

“We’re pointing the finger at our national government,” Adams said during his visit to El Paso.

“This is a national problem. We must have real immigration reform, and we must immediately have a short-term fix of making sure that the cost of this does not fall on our local cities.”

It’s unclear if Adams would support strengthening the border with a Trump-style wall or activation of the National Guard, but he’s at least right that something has to give.

And despite President Joe Biden’s appointment of Vice President Kamala Harris as the border czar tasked with resolving the problem, she has removed events relating to the topic from her calendar, instead calling for tackling the “root causes” of migration in Latin America.

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