A Republican presidential candidate just made a massive prediction about Donald Trump

Chris Christie

Trump is by far the leader in the Republican primary. His fellow competitors are doing all they can to catch him.

And this Republican presidential candidate just made a massive prediction about Donald Trump.

Former New Jersey Governor and Republican candidate for President, Chris Christie has been at odds with Trump ever since the former President left office in 2020.

He’s vowed to be a member of the Never-Trump club, even telling Axios that he wouldn’t support Trump if he were the nominee.

“I can’t help him. No way. Look, I just can’t. When you have the Jan. 6 choir at a rally and you show video of it – I just don’t think that person is appropriate for the presidency,” Christie said.

But in a recent interview on CNN This Morning, the former Governor used the opportunity to go after Trump again.

During the interview, Christie was asked about a rally where Donald Trump mentioned having the Department of Justice indict one of his political enemies if he were to be elected president.

Trump was likely speaking in jest, but Christie decided to attack him anyway.

“Do I think Donald Trump would try to use the Department of Justice and a compliant attorney general to punish his political enemies? Sure I do. So I think they are both true,” the former Governor said.

“He was kidding about the context of what he was talking about in terms of someone’s running against him. He is trying to make a point where with what he is alleging Joe Biden is doing, but you know Donald Trump.”

This isn’t the first time Christie has questioned Trump’s conduct.

In a response to recent attacks on him by Donald Trump, Chris Christie questioned the former President’s mental health.

“It’s sad. He’s under a lot of stress and a lot of pressure, and saying these things makes me really concerned for his mental health.”

While continuing the interview with CNN This Morning, Christie also tried to correctly prove his prediction by mentioning Trump’s actions after he lost the 2020 election.

“And we saw that he tried to use the Justice Department to overturn the election and wanted to put Jeffrey Clark in charge of so that he would. So I don’t think given what his conduct – forget about what he said in that rally – given what his conduct was in the aftermath of the election, it’s not only plausible but likely.”

Former Governor Christie is quickly becoming a parrot for the Democrat Party and mainstream media with his attacks on Donald Trump.

Currently, Christie is sitting in the low single digits in the polls

And his obsession with throwing punches at Trump will likely see his numbers continue to drop.

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