ABC just made a disturbing revelation about this top Republican

Sunny Hostin

The legacy media outlet can’t help themselves. Their main goal is to try and destroy the GOP.

And ABC just made a disturbing revelation about this top Republican.

ABC’s The View is one of the most abhorrent shows on TV that anyone can watch.

It’s pure leftist propaganda and the show’s hosts severely lack any brain cells.

After the recent speaker vacancy in the U.S. House of Representatives, The View decided to discuss potential new replacements for Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is on the top of the list as a possible replacement for McCarthy.

Legal analyst and co-host on The View, Sunny Hostin wasn’t shy with what she thought about Jordan.

“I will say about Jim Jordan, he’s been called by his own party, by John Boehner, a political terrorist.”

“I testified in Congress about something so simple, cameras in courtrooms. He came in late. He looked disheveled and he immediately was screaming and yelling and terrorized me and the other experts on the panel. Describing him as a terrorist is exactly that.”

This is a typical talking point by the Left. Anyone that is on the opposite aisle of your political party, is considered a “terrorist.”

Hostin wasn’t done, however. She continued bashing Jordan, saying, “He’s a chaos agent and it came out of nowhere. He had no command of the subject we were talking about, which made it even scarier.”

“The thought of him being the speaker of the house leads to more chaos.”

Sunny Hostin and her pals on The View are likely scared of Rep. Jordan because of his plans to help Republicans commit to real change in this country that will help combat the poor policies of the Left.

One of Hostin’s co-hosts, Sara Haines noted this, specifically with Jordan’s stance on ending funding to Ukraine.

“I want to jump in on Ukraine aid. I know all of us understand the importance of this. I think sometimes when people hear about aid they start to yell, we have people that need help here,” Haines said.

“What they don’t understand is strategically while we’re able to give aid and other things we’re keeping our soldiers from having to be brought into to a World War III. It’s a chess game, not checkers.”

If the politician is simply a Republican, members of The View cannot stand them.

There’s no changing their minds considering they hold every extremist view on a politician they don’t like.

Jim Jordan, however, is likely not losing any sleep over Hastin’s “terrorist” comments about him. He’s got way more important things to actually worry about.

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