After being exposed as a traitor by a Republican, Joe Biden is shaking with fear

Joe Biden

Biden believed he was invulnerable. However, testimony from a prominent Republican might bring his entire presidency to an end.

And because this Republican saw Joe Biden committing treason, the vice president is now sweating bullets.

Joe Biden has made it apparent that the average American is not important to him.

Finished the past two years, Americans have witnessed how his actions have caused severe inflation, supply shortages that have reduced their income, the continuation of harsh COVID regulations despite Joe Biden’s admission that the pandemic is “over,” and a massive influx of unauthorized immigration.

The extraordinary incident involving Donald Trump becoming the focus of a politically motivated federal agent raid under Biden’s FBI is not even mentioned here.

Additionally, the FBI has been under fire from whistleblowers for allegedly hiding evidence of the Biden family’s criminal activities and identifying regular conservative voters as “domestic terror threats.”

But Biden also gives American citizens to the highest bidder from abroad.

President Biden is allegedly selling millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to foreign nations, including the Communist regime of China, according to shocking new evidence.

The oil reserve is intended to protect the American economy and population against global shortages and to strengthen national security in the event of significant oil shortages during a conflict.

However, this stockpile has decreased to 434 million barrels of oil since Biden took office, which is less than half of what it was when former President Trump left office.

Remember when previous President Trump demanded that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve be fully stocked in the first few months of 2020? He recognized the signs and was aware that as countries shut down their economy as a result of COVID, gas prices might rise.

But Biden changed that, giving millions of barrels from our emergency reserve to China, a nation he had previously threatened to declare war on over Taiwan!

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congresswoman from Georgia, has filed articles of impeachment against Joe Biden because of this.

In a video she posted on Twitter revealing the articles, Greene said, “No president of the United States should be doing this to the American People.

People already questioned Biden’s competence due to his slurred voice and inability to form complete sentences, but his choice to sell off our resources to those he calls his enemies goes too far.

Additionally, the possibility of Joe Biden’s impeachment may materialize this November, when the control of Congress is up for grabs.

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