All hell broke loose after what Ted Cruz just exposed about the Biden White House

ted cruz

The world is full of potential threats of terror. Even the White House isn’t safe.

And all hell broke loose after what Ted Cruz just exposed about the Biden White House.

The Middle East is full of unrest right now.

Earlier this month Hamas launched an attack on Israel, killing over 1,200 innocent civilians.

The United States is worried Iran will get involved since Hamas is a terror group backed by the Middle Eastern country.

And now Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) believes that “Iranian spies” are working within President Joe Biden’s administration.

Back in June, former special envoy to Iran, Robert Malley was put on leave and investigated by the White House for his mishandling of classified documents. His security clearance was also suspended.

In an appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Cruz expressed how much of a threat Malley is to national security.

“What you just mentioned with Rob Malley remains one of the greatest national security scandals in our nation’s history,” he said to host Maria Bartiromo.

“But we now know also that, among other things, three of Rob Malley’s top advisers, his inner circle that he relied on, were Iranian operatives. They were recruited by the government of Iran.”

The members of Malley’s inner circle have been involved in an influence campaign involving Iran.

Specifically, Iran’s Foreign Ministry is the campaign that tries to influence the United States’ policy in favor of Iran.

“One of them, as far as we know, remains a chief of staff in the Department of Defense to this day with access to classified documents,” Senator Cruz continued.

“Yet, the corporate media cannot be brought to mention that three Iranian spies were brought into senior levels of government with access to classified materials while working directly for Iran.”

In 2015, Rob Malley was involved in negotiating for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear agreement.

Former President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the agreement back in 2018.

So between Malley and his advisers’ role with Iran, it’s obvious why Republicans like Ted Cruz are concerned with potential Iranian spies in the Biden administration.

That’s not to mention Joe Biden and his willingness to send billions of dollars to the country thats known to fund terrorism.

If the president’s administration doesn’t do a massive overhaul of individuals who may be compromised by a foreign government, then a national security threat will always be present in this country.

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