Americans are in disbelief after one Democrat mayor does the unthinkable

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu

The Left can’t help themselves. Any city they control is run into decay thanks to their awful policies.

And Americans are in disbelief after a Democrat mayor does the unthinkable.

The holiday season is well underway.

That means organizations and businesses are planning Christmas parties for their staff to celebrate the season.

But Boston Mayor Michelle Wu (D) didn’t think all of the city council members should be invited to her Christmas party.

Wu instead planned a party for just the “Electeds of Color” council members and not the white members.

And to make matters worse, the invitation was incorrectly sent by Wu’s aide, Denise DosSantos, to the entirety of the city council.

“On behalf of Mayor Michelle Wu, I cordially invite you and a guest to the Electeds of Color Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 13th at 5:30 pm at the Parkman House, 33 Beacon Street,” DosSantos’s email read.

About 15 minutes after the invitation was sent, DosSantos realized the error and sent an apology email.

“I wanted to apologize for my previous email regarding a Holiday Party for tomorrow. I did send that to everyone by accident, and I apologize if my email may have offended or came across as so. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused,” her apology stated.

According to the New York Post, the Boston City Council is “comprised of six minority and seven white members.”

One of those white members, Frank Baker (D) felt as though the party was “unfortunate and divisive.”

“I don’t really get offended too easily. To offend me, you’re going to have to do much more than not invite me to a party,” Baker said to the Boston Herald.

“I find it unfortunate that with the temperature the way it is, that we would further that division.”

Another councilman, Brian Worrell (D) who is black, defended the “Electeds of color” Christmas party.

“We make space and spaces for all kinds of specific groups in the city and city government. This is no different, and the Elected Officials of Color has been around for more than a decade,” Worrell explained to the Boston Herald.

Imagine if the races and political parties were reversed in this situation?

The Left would go absolutely ballistic.

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