Justice Amy Coney Barrett made an eye-opening confession about the Supreme Court that left everyone speechless

Justice Amy Coney Barrett

The nation’s high court has been the subject of controversy over recent years. But this latest revelation is stunning.

And Justice Amy Coney Barrett made an eye-opening confession about the Supreme Court that left everyone speechless.

There have been numerous high-profile cases over the years that the Supreme Court has had to rule on.

A few of those include Roe v. Wade and Affirmative Action.

But despite how controversial those cases may be, the justices have found a way to properly deliberate them.

While appearing on a panel at George Washington University last Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett explained how the justices have rules for when they deliberate with one another during their conferences.

Barrett, who was joined on the panel by Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Citizen University’s chief executive Eric Liu, said that, “We don’t speak in a hot way at our conferences.”

“We don’t raise our voices no matter how hot-button the case. We always speak with respect.”

“There’s a norm for how we speak, Chief Justice begins because he’s the most senior, and you go around in a circle. Most senior down to most junior, and you say what you think about the case, and the norm is that you cannot interrupt the other person.”

“So we hear everybody out and it’s not until everybody has spoken that there then can be some back and forth. We do not interrupt one another, and we never raise voices,” she said.

Justice Barrett also mentioned that the justices have assigned seating at lunch.

Liu, who was the moderator of the panel, then said that the rules in place sound like a “really good preschool.”

Justice Sotomayer also agreed with Barrett’s comments and explained how they address a situation where the rules may be broken.

“Generally, one of our senior colleagues will call the person who was perceived to maybe have gotten a little close and tell them, maybe you should think of an apology or patching it up a little bit,” Sotomayor explained.

“It happens in writing. Occasionally, someone writes something that an individual feels is offensive – and jot just explanatory.”

“All of these things are ways to manage emotion without losing respect for one another and without losing an understanding that each of us is operating in good faith. And I think the public discourse has lost some of that.”

If only everyone involved in discussing hot-button political issues were as civil as the Supreme Court Justices.

But instead, we have politicians who make threats against one another for having different viewpoints. And recently we even had President Joe Biden threaten the Supreme Court justices for their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.


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