An MSNBC host made an insane prediction about 2024 and Donald Trump

rachel maddow

The mainstream media is one of the Left’s biggest allies. Everything they do is intended to boost Democrats and put down Republicans.

And an MSNBC host made an insane prediction about 2024 and Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump’s chances to become the Republican nominee for president in 2024, are rather high.

He’s currently soaring in the polls with no sign of slowing down.

The Left, especially members of the mainstream media, are worried about Trump potentially winning a second term in 2024.

That’s why they’re making very bold and quite frankly, ridiculous predictions about a possible Donald Trump presidency.

Rachel Maddow, a host on MSNBC, had one of these predictions on an episode of ABC’s The View, on Wednesday.

“If you listen to what Trump is saying, you don’t sort of regard him as a spectacle, but listen to what he’s saying, he’s basically portraying a future for America, if he is put back in the White House, in which we don’t have another election after that,” Maddow said.

“Because ‘the elections are all rigged.’ That the democratic process can’t be trusted, that Congress should just work for him. The Justice Department should just work for him. That’s a strong man form of government.”

Maddow is basically saying that if Trump wins in 2024, that will be the last presidential election ever because he will attempt to become a tyrant and throw away the entire election process.

But she wasn’t done there. She even accused the former president of wanting to “execute” MSNBC.

“He wants to put MSNBC on trial for treason so he can execute us.”

“You’ve had a lot of senators and governors and members of Congress who have gone to prison. It has happened. It doesn’t hurt us as a democracy, but people at the very top tend to bring a lot of political pressure to bear on the justice system to let them off.”

The panic from Democrats is at an all time high.

According to them, if Trump, or any Republican for that matter, beats Joe Biden in the general election, then democracy will be destroyed and so will the country.

“So I worry about it, but I also feel like I want to know more about our history of this, so I understand better our capability for dealing with something that’s put this much stress on our system. Don’t put criminals in high office,” concluded Maddow.

When Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, the Left claimed the sky was going to fall. And what ended up not happening? The sky falling.

You can watch Maddow’s above statements and the unhinged hosts of The View’s response below.

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