Terrorist attack targeting Republicans rocks the entire country


The Left has gotten violently radical over the hears. But this takes the cake.

And a terrorist attack targeting Republicans just rocked the entire country.

The Tennessee Office of Homeland Security has issued an Officer Safety Bulletin, obtained by Louder with Crowder, asking law enforcement to keep an eye out for a man accused of making a bomb threat against Trump supporters.

According to the alert, on February 29, the FBI’s Memphis Field Office reported to the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security a Guardian Incident Report noting that 30-year-old Benjamin Matthew Dayton had “made concerning statements to his mother via text message.”

One of these communications said, “Have been thinking an awful lot about rigging my van and bombing Trump supporters.”

According to the report, “an initial investigation revealed that Dayton has experienced suicidal and homicidal ideations and has also mentioned trying to obtain a firearm.”

It was also revealed that Dayton has an active Order of Protection from Illinois and has previously been arrested for public intoxication and domestic assault.

“According to the subject’s parents, he suffers from unspecified mental health diagnoses,” the bulletin adds, noting that Dayton is believed to be “transient” at this time with no fixed home address.

Dayton is known to drive a tan 1995 Chevrolet G20 passenger van with the Illinois registration plate EB55086.

“Law enforcement personnel should exercise caution if contact is made with Dayton and/or his vehicle. No detention of the above subject or vehicle should be made solely based on this bulletin. This information is provided to increase situational awareness and advise law enforcement agencies of the potential officer safety concerns related to the subject of this bulletin.”

On January 8, Dayton posted a video to Instagram that included pages from an Improvised Munitions Handbook released by the Department of the Army in 1969, as well as references to Gaza.

The video closes with the phrases “flood the system, spook the watchlists” and the Palestinian flag.

Another post from Christmas Day showed the van in question, which had the phrase “from the river to the sea” inscribed on the back windows.

The post text reads, “Wonder how the shrapnel feels.”

So, in sum, a homeless liberal with access to bomb building diagrams is driving around the country without any way to locate him? Great.

And even after threatening to bomb Trump supporters, the DHS bulletin does not constitute reason to detain him.

If you’re a leftist, you can threaten to bomb your political enemies and police can’t arrest you?

What kind of banana republic are we living in?

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