Barack Obama caught in an embarrassing lie he’ll never recover from

barack obama

The Obamas are trying to pull strings from behind the curtain. Now they’ve been exposed for good.

And Barack Obama was caught in an embarrassing lie he’ll never recover from.

Photos obtained on Friday show the Obamas on a luxury vacation in Greece with Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his family while tweeting about injustice following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down affirmative action.

In a statement posted on Twitter former first lady Michelle Obama said, “I was one of the few Black students on my campus, and I was proud of getting into such a respected school. I knew I’d worked hard for it.” She continued.

“Still, I sometimes wondered if people thought I got there because of affirmative action. It was a shadow that students like me couldn’t shake, whether those doubts came from the outside or inside our own minds.”

“The fact is this: I belonged. And semester after semester, decade after decade, for more than half a century, countless students like me showed they belonged, too,” she said.

“So often, we just accept that money, power, and privilege are perfectly justifiable forms of affirmative action, while kids growing up like I did are expected to compete when the ground is anything but level.”

“So today, my heart breaks for any young person out there who’s wondering what their future holds — and what kinds of chances will be open to them,” Mrs. Obama added.

“Today is a reminder that we’ve got to do the work not just to enact policies that reflect our values of equity and fairness, but to truly make those values real in all of our schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods.”

In a statement, former President Barack Obama stated, “Affirmative action was never a complete answer in the drive towards a more just society.”

He added, “But for generations of students who had been systematically excluded from most of America’s key institutions–it gave us the chance to show we more than deserved a seat at the table. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent decision, it’s time to redouble our efforts.”

According to Keep Talking Greece, the Obamas are spending part of their summer vacation with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on the Greek islands of Paros and Antiparos. Paros Mayor Markos Kovaios announced their arrival.

“He [Obama] is a useful person for the society, a special person. And it is a great joy and honor for us that he will come by our island,” he remarked.

Benny Johnson pointed out the Obamas’ opulent lifestyle in a Twitter discussion. “Michelle could have also tweeted about her “oppression” by the Supreme Court from her 29-acre, 7 bedrooms and 8, and a half bathroom estate on another private Island, Martha’s Vineyard,” he said.

He went on to mention the former president’s other multi-million dollar houses in Hawaii and Washington, DC.

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 on Friday that race-based admission procedures are unlawful under the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause.

“Courts may not license separating students on the basis of race without an exceedingly persuasive justification that is measurable and concrete enough to permit judicial review,” wrote Chief Justice John Roberts in the opinion.

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