Barack Obama reveals dark secret regarding his role in the 2024 presidential race

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The former Democrat president can’t help himself. He desperately wants to be involved in trying to stop Donald Trump from defeating Joe Biden this November.

And Barack Obama has revealed a dark secret regarding his role in the 2024 presidential race.

If the election were held today, it is widely regarded by the polls and political experts that former President Donald Trump would win the presidency.

That news of course has the Left on edge.

A second term of Donald Trump would be an utter nightmare for them.

So that’s why some of their top leaders have teamed up with President Joe Biden to help him avoid defeat.

And some of these leaders are doing their schemes secretly.

Obama Becomes Panicked at the Prospects of a Trump Victory

President Biden and former President Barack Obama have held several private meetings to strategize on safeguarding their political legacy from a potential Trump resurgence in the 2024 election, according to a recent New York Magazine report.

The article, titled “What Obama is Whispering to Biden,” reveals details about the discreet dinners shared by the two leaders and their efforts to secure a victory in the upcoming election amidst troubling signs.

An acquaintance of Obama’s mentioned that while “his anxiety about the election is real,” the former president’s concerns are aligned with those of other leading Democrats.

People close to Obama say his worries stem not from any hidden animosity towards Biden or his team but from an awareness of the nation’s polarized political and media environment, as noted by New York Magazine.

Obama has been cautious to avoid criticizing Biden or his campaign, understanding that any such remarks would be unproductive for the Democratic Party. However, sources indicate that Obama acknowledges the 2024 race will be tightly contested and that the threat of a Trump victory is significant.

Initially, Obama kept his distance from Biden’s 2020 campaign, but he later emerged as a crucial supporter.

He persuaded Biden’s campaign leaders, Jen O’Malley Dillon and Anita Dunn, to significantly increase their digital budget. Additionally, he helped form a team of tech experts to enhance Biden’s online presence and enlisted director Steven Spielberg to aid in the production of Biden’s convention programming, according to the report by Gabriel Debenedetti.

Throughout Biden’s presidency, he and his aides felt less reliant on Obama compared to the previous election cycle. However, by late 2023, with the rematch against Trump looming, Obama once again became a pivotal figure in the campaign.

Obama has shared various insights on campaign logistics, emphasizing the need to build and maintain staff in key battleground states.

He has also engaged in more frequent discussions with campaign chair Dillon about strategies to attract young and Black voters.

During a recent event with Biden and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, Obama expressed his support for the Biden administration’s achievements. “I take great pride in what the Biden administration has accomplished,” Obama said. “And it’s a reminder that we don’t have to just vote against something in this election. We have somebody to worry about. And there’s a whole agenda that we should be concerned about.”

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