Disturbing betrayal has Kamala Harris’ career on life support

Kamala Harris

The vice president is working to get reelected this November. But now she has something far more pressing to worry about.

And a disturbing betrayal has Kamala Harris’ career on life support.

The Biden/Harris campaign has had a rocky start to the 2024 election season so far.

They’re currently polling behind former President Donald Trump, who is leading in multiple key battleground states.

Not only that, but President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval ratings are very poor.

This has led to calls for both Biden and Harris to step aside and let other Democrats run in their place.

Washington Post editorial board member, Kathleen Parker, specifically called for Harris to step down last Friday in an op-ed that she published.

“This is why I propose with all due respect that Harris step away from the ticket,” Parker said.

“Please, Madame Vice President, do it for your country.”

According to a FiveThirtyEight survey, Harris has only a 37% approval rating.

That rating is especially concerning to Democrats who feel like even Leftist voters have grown tired of the VP.

“The Kamala conundrum comes down to this: She was picked because she was Black and female, a combo tantamount to job security,” Parker continued.

“Now that she has become a burden to the Democratic ticket, Biden can’t fire her. He can’t risk alienating his base. Full stop. The seriousness of this situation can’t be overstated.”

“Biden’s diminishing faculties, notwithstanding his relatively successful State of the Union address, and his increasing physical frailty are concerning.”

Harris is currently trying to attract voters to the Biden 2024 campaign by going on a tour around the nation to promote abortion rights.

Last Friday she was the first sitting vice president to visit an abortion clinic.

She’s also notable for being tasked as Biden’s border czar to address and try to fix the issues at the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

We all can see how “good” of a job she’s done in that role.

The border is currently experiencing a major crisis but Kamala Harris would rather waltz around the country and peddle the Left’s radical ideology of abortion-on-demand.

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