Biden admin official slapped with federal law violations

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It’s starting to look bleak for Joe Biden. The scandals are piling up for him and the Democrats.

And a major Biden admin official just got slapped with violating federal law.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are desperate to turn their ship around before it’s time for the 2024 election to really start heating up.

But major political issues are popping up from Joe Biden every time he turns around.

This time it’s a scandal coming from within his own administration.

A watchdog group named “Protect the Public’s Trust” (PPT) obtained federal records that indicate that Joe Biden administration officials exchanged emails about discussing plans within the administration with the climate czar John Kerry that they “can’t put on paper.”

This is bringing up concerns that the Biden administration is violating federal records requirements to keep these types of discussions on record.

“I would also suggest a call or meeting soon with jk to update him on FY22 and 23, focusing on all the elements we can’t put on paper,” a Biden official said in a March 9, 2022, email.

In response, another Biden official said they’d “love to do that” and discussed Kerry’s availability to discuss more in depth in the days ahead.

The Biden officials doubled down on keeping these discussions with Kerry off the record by saying that they will “verbally brief” him in passing, if needed.

“Worst comes to worst, I’ll likely have at least a few minutes with JK before he arrives on-site tomorrow at the conference,” the Biden official responded.

“Can verbally brief him,” they added.

The email’s subject line said “updated memo for JK on FY23 budget settlement,” so it seems these discussions that they don’t want on record are budgetary related.

But it’s also possible that that subject line was written that way to keep the discussions they want off the record kept secret.

The watchdog group that obtained access to these emails said that the it appears that they are actively trying to “skirt federal record obligations.”

“This statement epitomizes the SPEC office’s lack of transparency, even to the point of appearing to actively skirt federal records obligations,” PPT Director Michael Chamberlain said to the media.

A Biden official from the State Department wouldn’t comment on the accusation that there were federal record violations committed by the Biden regime.

“While this specific FOIA request remains in litigation, we note that the President’s final budget request for FY 23 was fully published in its entirety,” a State Department official said.

You can check out the emails in question below:

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