Biden caught red-handed making this truly awful lie

Joe Biden

If there’s one thing the Left likes to do, it’s tell lies. But they hate being called out for it.

And Biden was caught red-handed making this truly awful lie.

The economy under President Joe Biden has been without a doubt a disaster.

Inflation has gone up tremendously, groceries have gotten more expensive, and the price of rent continues to soar.

But Biden and the Democrats don’t want to take the blame for this.

On Tuesday, the president said that the inflation rate in the U.S. was at 9% when he entered office in early 2021.

That of course is a flat-out lie. The inflation rate was at 1.4% when Biden first got into the White House.

Inflation didn’t rise past 9% until his term was 17-months-old.

Biden made the claim while interviewing with Yahoo Finance. During the interview, he was asked why families don’t feel that “wealthy” at the moment.

“I think inflation has gone slightly up. It was at 9% when I came in and it’s now down to about 3%,” the president said.

“But the fact is, I think people are just uncertain. And that’s why we got to be steady, stay the course, and continue to produce these incredible job [sic].”

“And by the way, the pay for the jobs are outpacing the inflation rate that they’re paying. We’re gonna be able to deal with this. It’s gonna take a little more time, but we’re just focused on it.”

The New York Post reached out to the White House for a comment on Biden’s inflation lie, but they predictably did not respond.

This also wasn’t the first time Joe Biden made this false claim about inflation.

Last week he said that inflation “was 9% when I came to office,” while speaking with CNN in an interview.

These lies by the president seem like an attempt to absolve himself of any blame for the high inflation rates during his presidency. He actually said as much in February of 2023.

“Do I take any blame for inflation? No,” Biden said at the time.

“Because it was already there when I got here, man.”

The lack of accountability by President Biden is concerning. Americans want to feel some sort of comfort that inflation will be brought down.

But instead, Biden and his administration just want to ignore it and put the blame on Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

What a predictable and disgusting move by them.

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