President Biden’s dark connections with Iranian terrorists revealed

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Democrats today are quick to defend radical Muslims. But it’s worse than you ever thought.

And now President Biden’s dark connections with Iranian terrorists have been revealed.

The Biden administration’s recent decisions seem to be inadvertently favoring Hamas, Qatar, and Iran, strengthening their positions in support of terrorism.

On March 25, the Biden administration chose not to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution, effectively siding with Hamas and disappointing Israel. This move was seen by Israel’s adversaries in Iran, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq as a signal that the United States had abandoned its support for Israel. The abstention appeared as if the US had embraced Hamas’s stance, especially during the conflict’s peak.

Throughout its term, the Biden administration has also provided significant financial concessions to Iran, primarily through sanctions waivers, amounting to nearly $60 billion. This included an additional $10 billion that seemed like a reward to Iran despite its proxies being responsible for the deaths of three US service members and over 150 attacks on American troops since October.

This financial influx has undoubtedly bolstered Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and contributed to its uranium enrichment activities, now nearing 84% purity, dangerously close to weapons-grade material. Essentially, the Biden administration has inadvertently funded both sides of two major conflicts it indirectly facilitated.

The first conflict, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, was facilitated by the Biden administration’s initial energy policies, which led to a significant increase in global oil prices, enriching Russia. The second conflict, Iranian-backed aggression in the Middle East, was facilitated by the administration’s sanctions waivers to Iran, providing them with substantial financial resources.

Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton criticized the administration’s stance as “confused” and “dangerous,” highlighting the precedent of allowing Hamas to influence US policy towards Israel, undermining not only Israel’s security but also global counterterrorism efforts.

Senator Bill Hagerty also condemned the administration’s actions as a betrayal of Israel and American citizens held hostage by Hamas.

The U.S. Senator from Tennessee has claimed that the Biden administration is sending “mixed messages” and signals to the rest of the world, including America’s ally in Israel trying to defend itself against Middle Eastern neighbors who want to rid the region of Jews entirely.

The administration’s willingness to appease Hamas sponsors, Qatar and Iran, at the expense of strategic alliances, signals a concerning shift in US foreign policy priorities, prioritizing short-term gains over longstanding alliances.

Moreover, the administration’s actions at the UN Security Council have hindered efforts to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas, worsening their situation and breaching trust with Israel.

Former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman drew parallels between the Biden administration’s actions and previous detrimental resolutions, undermining Israel’s international standing and emboldening terrorists.

By failing to condemn Hamas and link a ceasefire to the release of hostages, the Biden administration inadvertently granted a diplomatic victory to terrorist groups, undermining America’s credibility as an ally.

Iran celebrated this perceived weakening of Israel’s position as an opportunity to advance its regional agenda, reinforcing its support for Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Biden administration’s Middle East policy, including the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal, has led to Israel facing multiple threats from Iran and its proxies, putting its survival at risk.

Furthermore, the administration’s reluctance to pressure Hamas, Qatar, and Iran to release hostages while providing financial incentives to Iran raises concerns about its priorities and commitments.

Instead of aligning with terrorist groups and their supporters, such as Hamas, Qatar, and Iran, the Biden administration should prioritize supporting only those who are committed to defending Western values. Maybe his approval ratings on foreign conflicts would be better if he actually lead the nation well instead of kowtowing to enemies of America, of which Iran is a committed one.

The fact remains that Israel is the sole shining light in that dark region filled with human rights violations and anti-freedom, authoritarian regimes. Can it really be argued that there’s an Islamic state in the region – or anywhere else in the world – that is seeking to build a society built on a fair democracy and Western values? Not particularly.

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