Biden is going to have a heart attack when he hears what the FBI leaked

christopher wray

The FBI has been facing intense scrutiny from the American public. So they are starting to come clean.

And Joe Biden is going to have a heart attack when he hears what the FBI leaked.

Simply put, the American people do not have much trust in the FBI at this point in time.

The FBI has always had been viewed skeptically by some Americans, especially with their concerning past of threatening American citizens like Martin Luther King Jr.

But as of late, the FBI’s dirty laundry has been aired out for everyone to see, and it’s been a major problem for them.

The FBI has been caught colluding with Big Tech social media giants to censor thoughts and opinions that they deem “untrustworthy.”

They also got caught up in the raid of Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago that many Americans think was unconstitutional and uncalled for.

And most recently we’ve learned that a memo was being circulated within the FBI that was designed to start targeting Christian, conservatives as “domestic terrorists.”

In response to this all, the FBI is trying to win back some trust of the American people. And their latest move is certain to make Joe Biden wildly angry.

You see, recently the Department of Energy announced that there is viable evidence for the idea that COVID-19 did in fact leak out of Wuhan, China out of a lab and that it was not a natural virus that spread from natural causes.

The Department of Energy was only the most recent federal agency to make that claim, as several other federal agencies have said they have reached the same conclusions from their own research from different data and intel.

The FBI is one of those agencies that reached a similar conclusion as the Department of Energy.

In fact, the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, even went on Fox News to double down on this conclusion of the FBI and said that COVID-19 was “most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan.”

This flies in direct contrast to what Joe Biden and the Democrats have been claiming for years now that it was nearly “impossible” – they say – that COVID-19 leaked out of China.

Mainline Democrats have been sticking to this story ever since COVID-19 originally broke out in early 2020.

At one point, conservatives were heavily criticized as wacky conspiracy theorists who had no idea what they were talking about for suggesting that the virus came from a Chinese lab leak, likely out of Wuhan.

Big Tech and social media giants suspended users and shadow-banned users who said anything remotely contradictory to the claims of the “health experts” like Anthony Fauci.

But we’re learning more with every week that passes that Anthony Fauci was actually the one who had no idea what he was talking about.

As it seems most likely, as the FBI director points out, that the COVID-19 virus leaked out of a Chinese lab.

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