Biden just got blasted for throwing the American people to the curb

Joe Biden

No one ever accused Joe Biden of caring for America. But he left no room for doubts.

And Biden Biden just got blasted for throwing the American people to the curb.

Joe Biden hasn’t put on a very great performance in the lead-up and aftermath of the midterm elections.

At best, Democrats can only hope his speeches and day-to-day routine won’t hurt them any more than he already has.

But it’s becoming clearer that Biden is not their best option for a presidential candidate in 2024.

It’s gotten so bad that even progressive organizations, like RootsAction, have called on the Democrat Party to find someone else to run.

But Biden is not backing down from those who say he is unfit for office.

During a press conference in the wake of the midterm election results so far, Biden made clear that nothing will stop him from running again.

“What is your message to them and how does that factor into your final decision about whether or not to run for re-election?” the reporter asked.

“It doesn’t” Biden replied.

“What’s your message to them,” she asked.

“Watch me,” Biden retorted.

Earlier in the news conference, Biden stated that his intention was always to run for a second term, regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s elections.

He stated that the outcome provided some with a “sigh of relief” that Republicans who support former President Donald Trump “are not taking over the government again.”

Of course, he didn’t mention that the GOP is still set to take over the House of Representatives.

With that reality, Biden’s agenda has now come to a screeching halt.

Which makes his wanting to run for a second term make even more sense.

He doesn’t want his legacy to be remembered as the president who broke the dollar and ruined the American economy.

But he concluded with this: “This is ultimately a family decision. I think everybody wants me to run, but we’re going to have discussions about it,” he said.

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