President Biden’s made a stupid mistake that has his campaign furious with him

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The President is in a world of trouble. He’s running out of time to turn his ship around.

But now President Biden’s made a truly moronic mistake that has his own campaign furious.

The White House seems to think that they can ignore all of the major issues facing Americans today like rising inflation, the housing crisis, illegal immigration run rampant, and more, while just pandering to the far-left base’s deranged obsession with Donald Trump and sail to a second term in office.

That’s proving to be a risky strategy, to say the least. His approval ratings are a dumpster fire and they are showing no sign of improving at all. In fact, the most recent polls from reputable sources like YouGov and TIPP Insights suggest Biden’s approval ratings are getting worse.

What’s been the biggest factors of his worsening favorability in the eyes of the general American public? There’s a few major factors, to be sure.

First of all, Americans feel like the economy is only getting worse and worse on Joe Biden’s watch. A recent MSNBC panel of undecided voters unanimously agreed that their family was much better off in the Trump economy than the Biden economy. They all laughed when they were told that President Biden believes his economy is stronger than Trump’s.

Secondly, the immigration crisis is only getting worse and the White House either seems entirely incompetent to stop illegal immigrants from pouring over the southern border or they don’t care to lift a finger and do something about it.

However, Joe Biden seems to be just ignoring these issues entirely and even gaslighting Americans into believing they aren’t actually problems at all. The Biden regime is spending time and money on issues that Americans don’t even care about, including his own voting base.

Case in point is the latest Wall Street Journal poll that suggests Joe Biden’s own voting base doesn’t care about the White House’s major emphasis on climate change.

President Joe Biden’s hefty investment of over $1 trillion into his climate agenda isn’t capturing voters’ attention in battleground states, as indicated by recent polling from The Wall Street Journal.

A mere 2% of registered voters surveyed viewed climate change as the most pressing issue for the 2024 election, contrasting sharply with the 25% who prioritized immigration and the 22% focused on the economy, according to the WSJ’s findings.

Despite the White House heralding Biden’s expansive green agenda as the pinnacle of U.S. environmental initiatives, it seems to be falling flat with voters.

The WSJ’s poll canvassed 2,100 registered voters across Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—states pivotal to Biden’s reelection prospects—between March 17 and March 24, with a margin of error of 2.1 percentage points.

Biden’s landmark climate legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), incorporates subsidies for green energy, potentially tallying up to $1.2 trillion, according to estimates by Goldman Sachs.

In addition to the IRA, the administration has vigorously pursued electric vehicle adoption, enforced stringent regulations to overhaul the American power grid, and recommitted to the Paris Climate Accords following the U.S.’s withdrawal under former President Donald Trump.

These polling results echo a similar sentiment reflected in a survey by MWR Strategies, where only 3% of swing state voters identified climate change as America’s paramount issue.

Although Biden’s climate agenda may lack resonance among voters, environmentalist groups have generally lauded his policies on the matter, typically critiquing him for not going far enough from a policy standpoint. These groups, along with their substantial resources and activist bases, are anticipated to be pivotal supporters for Biden as the election approaches.

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