Biden official went on the news and completely wet themselves on camera

pete buttigieg

The Biden administration has no shame at all. But they will now.

Because a Biden official went on the news and completely wet themselves for all to see.

The grave, taxes, and radical Leftists saying the most off-the-wall stuff you’ve ever heard in your life.

Those are the three things you can rely on most in life, sadly.

There seems to be no end to just how far removed from reality the Left will become.

But anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their out-of-this-world claims is a certified bigot who should be cast away from society.

This is how they operate.

One of the issues that the radical Left will absolutely die on a hill for is the idea that somehow America is fundamentally racist, no matter what.

No matter what changes, no matter what the laws are, America is somehow fundamentally prejudiced against black people and anyone who isn’t “white.”

At least, that’s what the Leftists say. They use this idea as a tool to peddle policies that give them what they want.

Just consider how Democrats use Critical Race Theory to argue for reparation payments to be made to any and all black people in America.

These insane ideas have even reached the White House. Recently, Biden administration Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg went on MSNBC went Al Sharpton and said so himself.

Al Sharpton said to Pete that “road fatalities” are unequal and asked Pete what his plans were to address the racism of road fatalities.

“It’s something that deserves more attention, which is why I’m working to bring more attention to it. We have a crisis when it comes to roadway fatalities in America. We lose about 40,000 people every year,” Pete started out saying.

It went down south really quickly right after that, though. He started to say that “black” Americans are more likely to get hit as a pedestrian than other races.

“And we see a lot of racial disparities. Black and Brown Americans, tribal citizens, and rural residents are much more likely to lose their lives whether it’s in a car or as a pedestrian being hit by a car,” Buttigieg added.

That’s a pretty weird claim in and of itself, but he continued by saying that the roads were built to be intentionally racist.

“There are a lot of reasons related to discrimination and related to even the ways that roads are designed and built, who has access to a safe street design that has crosswalks and good lighting, who doesn’t have that access that can drive disparities,” he ranted.

This is a claim that Pete has tried to make before, but he’s been roasted for it every time.

Newsflash to Pete Buttigieg, roads aren’t racist. They are inanimate. If you are offended by roads, you should probably get your head checked.

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