Biden received a letter of warning from the military that stunned everyone

Joe Biden

There is no getting around the fact that Biden’s handling of the military and foreign policy has been a complete failure. On this front, his administration has been utterly disorganized.

Now Biden’s recently received an alarming message from the military.

Many criticized the use of marines as a backdrop as Joe Biden took the podium in Pennsylvania to conduct a divisive, politically motivated speech to smear MAGA Republicans.

Historically, you have never used the military to threaten or coerce political opponents.

That is completely at odds with the vision the country’s founders had for it.

Given the speech’s setting, it is highly likely that the Biden administration placed Marines in the background to provide further “strength” to its intimidation strategies.

Regardless of their opinions of the speech, many former military officers are criticizing Biden for the action.

And, according to the reports, an open letter for the military and how to live during a period of extreme political polarization was written by eight former defense secretaries and five previous chairs of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The first point in the letter reads, “We are in an exceptionally challenging civil-military environment. Many of the factors that shape civil-military relations have undergone extreme strain in recent years. Geopolitically, the winding down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the ramping up of great power conflict mean the U.S. military must simultaneously come to terms with wars that ended without all the goals satisfactorily accomplished while preparing for more daunting competition with near-peer rivals.”

The letter continues by outlining sixteen principles that both civilians and the military must adhere to in these circumstances.

The third point even expands on this, stating that civilian authority of the military is “shared across all three branches of government. Ultimately, civilian control is wielded by the will of the American people as expressed through elections.”

To be clear, Joe Biden is not the first President to exploit the military for political ends and benefits in recent years.

Since Ronald Reagan, every president has engaged in that to some extent.

However, Joe Biden took this to a whole new level when he mentioned the Marines in his speech in Pennsylvania.

In contrast to elected leaders who are answerable to American voters, he and his administration behave more like dictators.

Being on stage and denouncing all MAGA Republicans is blatantly authoritarian.

The fact that this open letter was published only five days following Biden’s address is not a coincidence.

His speech only served to increase people’s worries that, contrary to what he argues, political divisiveness will drive us further apart.