Biden tucked tail and ran away from the press for this humiliating reason

joe biden

The White House is under enormous pressure. Biden is cracking under the weight.

And he tucked tail and ran away from the press for this humiliating reason.

President Biden told reporters on Tuesday that he would not take questions during his remarks at the White House following last week’s stunning press conference.

“I’m not going to be taking any questions, but I’ll be taking questions tomorrow or the next day,” Biden said as he approached the podium. “But I don’t want anything to get in the way of this statement.”

Biden adhered to the script for approximately eight minutes, praising the Senate’s approval of the $95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan and asking House Republicans to do the same. He slammed those who opposed the law, claiming they were “playing into Putin’s hands.”

He also criticized former President Trump for his recent remarks about not safeguarding NATO countries from Russia if they do not meet their obligations.

Biden usually closes his talks with, “May God protect our troops.” This time, he said, “God bless everyone. “May God protect our speaker.”

“And I promise I’ll come back and answer questions later. Thank you,” Biden added before walking away.

The president’s unwillingness to accept questions comes just days after he slammed many reporters following the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which raised new questions about his mental acuity.

At a last-minute prime-time White House news conference Thursday evening, Biden fielded questions from reporters, with many exchanges becoming heated.

Fox News White House journalist Peter Doocy was the first to pique Biden’s interest.

“Something the special counsel said in his report is that one of the reasons you were not charged is because, in his description, you are a ‘well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,'” Doocy said.

“I’m well-meaning, and I’m an elderly man and I know what the hell I’m doing,” Biden responded. “I’ve been president and I put this country back on its feet. I don’t need his recommendation —”

“How bad is your memory? And can you continue as president?” Doocy inquired.

“My memory is so bad I let you speak,” Biden shot back.

When Washington Post reporter Tyler Pager asked Biden if he was afraid that the revelation would “fuel further concern about your age,” Biden responded, “Only by some of you.”

The president later had a heated exchange with CNN contributor MJ Lee, who questioned him on his past remarks urging Americans to “watch me” when challenged about his age.

“Many [of the] American people have been watching, and they have expressed concerns about your age,” he continued.

“That is your judgment!” Biden shouted at her. “That is your judgment! That is not the judgment of the press.”

“They’ve expressed concerns about your mental acuity,” Lee continued. “They say that you’re too old. Mr. President, you told me in December that you believe there are many Democrats who could defeat Donald Trump. So, why does it have to be you now?”

“Because I’m the most qualified person in this country to be president of the United States and finish the job I started,” Biden said.

During the same news conference, Biden made headlines for confusing Egypt’s president with Mexico’s when discussing the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Hur, who was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate Biden’s handling of classified documents, concluded that he would not charge Biden in part because a jury would find him to be a “sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory,” despite the fact that Biden obtained the documents “willfully” both as vice president and senator.

Hur’s assessment also found that Biden had a “hazy” memory of his last term in government and the death of his son, Beau.

These disclosures, combined with his recent string of gaffes, have fueled voter concerns that 81-year-old Biden is too elderly to seek a second term, as polls have consistently shown.

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