Biden was caught red-handed selling out America in this underground operation

Joe Biden

Joe Biden and his White House aren’t concerned with fighting for the American people. Their loyalty is doled out to the highest bidder, foreign or domestic.

And Biden was caught red-handed selling out America in this underground operation.

The Biden family is known for its checkered history dealing with foreign governments and corporations.

President Biden’s son, Hunter, profited off multi-million dollar deals in Ukraine and China over the years.

The President’s own involvement in his shady dealings is still a matter of debate in the political world.

But Joe Biden doesn’t just care about personal dealings with foreign entities, he’s also using his political power to secretly accomplish some of his major policy goals.

And reports have come out showing President Joe Biden has instructed his border chief to employ migrant advocacy groups in Mexico to sneak undocumented economic migrants into American workplaces and housing.

Border chief Alejandro Mayorkas is enabling progressive Mexican organizations to assist job-seeking migrants in filing online legal claims for “immigration parole.”

Many of the applications are promptly approved, allowing destitute migrants to skip border taxes and securely enter the United States through official “Ports of Entry.”

This mechanism allows economic migrants to steal employment and homes needed by impoverished Americans in the United States, despite the fact that many millions of Americans are destitute and have dropped out of the labor market.

Congress established the parole gateway to allow the legal entry of a restricted number of emergency cases, such as a foreign marine suffering from a heart attack.

However, Mayorkas’ Department of Homeland Security has greatly enlarged the useful loophole into a “humanitarian parole” highway into American companies.

According to agency data, Mayorkas, a Cuban-born pro-migration zealot, has secretively brought up to 100,000 southern migrants into the United States.

The increasing inflow is partially visible on Mayorkas’ agency’s website.

The page depicts the enormous increase of migrants registered by the Office of Field Operations agency at official ports of entry. Many of these migrants appear to be part of the parole pipeline, and the monthly inflow increased fivefold from October 2021 to October 2022, reaching 26,405 people.

This growth is notably pronounced in a few areas. Only 1,224 migrants crossed at Laredo in October 2021, for example. According to DHS, the Laredo inflow jumped tenfold to 13,986 in October 2022.

“It’s the ultimate silent way to accomplish his objectives … they’re not recorded as apprehensions,” said George Fishman, a former immigration law staffer in the House.

As per Fishman, who now works for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the covert path benefits Biden, Mayorkas, and their anti-border supporters in two ways:

The lower the apprehension numbers, the better publicity-wise. [Mayorkas] can claim ‘Look, I’m getting the border under control. apprehensions are falling!” But if the [official numbers show declines] it is because people don’t even need to try to enter illegally anymore when they’re just going to be paroled in [legally]. The second thing is that … [migrants] don’t have to commit a federal crime to cross.

So not only is the Biden administration secretly flooding American streets with hundreds of thousands of migrants through a legal loophole, but there is no reliable way to account for just how many are being shipped over.

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