Biden’s biggest blunder yet just sent the White House up in flames

Joe Biden

Ever since the day he was inaugurated, drastic mistakes have plagued President Biden and his team. But this puts the icing on the cake.

And Biden’s biggest blunder yet just sent the White House up in flames.

The wildfires in Hawaii on the island of Maui were devastating.

And the response from Joe Biden’s administration towards the fires have been underwhelming at best and insulting at worst.

From Biden’s “no comment” when asked about the death toll in Maui, to Vice President Kamala Harris using the wildfires to peddle climate change conspiracies, the administration has hurt their reputation more so than usual.

But now they’ve found another way to spit in the face of the victims of the tragedy.

Employees for U.S. Customs and Border Protection got an email earlier in the week about National Breast/Chestfeeding Month but nothing about Maui.

Breitbart reports that “U.S. Customs and Border Protection employees received an agency email on Tuesday honoring ‘National Breast/Chestfeeding Month.’ However, employees say they have yet to receive any significant message regarding the department’s relief/recovery efforts in the deadly Maui wildfire.”

Joe Biden has also neglected to order U.S. flags to be lowered at half-staff to honor those killed of affected by the wildfires.

Instead, his administration is more focused on making radical leftists happy by including the phrase “chestfeeding” (a transgender-inclusive word that suggest men can breast feed) in their emails to U.S. agencies.

A source had this to say to Breitbart on the issue, “The source says that the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, focuses on woke efforts to rename awareness campaigns, but he is keeping employees in the dark on the agency’s efforts regarding the relief and mobilization to the Lahaina wildfire.”

It’s not hard to tell where the President and his administration’s priorities are on this issue.

Biden falling asleep during a ceremony for those killed in the tragedy is proof where his heart really lies.

And it’s not like the President hasn’t lowered American flags to half-staff in the past.

“In May, President Biden issued an order to lower flags to half-staff in honor of the eight people killed and seven injured in a mass shooting event in Allen, Texas. Two other presidential orders this year – in January and March – honored victims in Nashville, Tennessee and Monterey Park, California” according to Breitbart.

One would think that the fifth deadliest wildfire in the history of America would be met with calls for the lowering of the flag.

But instead Joe Biden is more concerned with how he can make a group of woke liberals happy through carefully worded emails that don’t use “hateful language.”

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