Biden’s billion dollar gift to America’s enemies exposed

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s backroom deals have finally come to light. Every American should be enraged.

And Biden’s billion-dollar gift to America’s enemies exposed.

The Biden family has been profiting off Joe’s political career for years.

Not only have they taken bribes from foreign governments and investors, but they’ve directly influenced other countries’ politics.

Now Biden is using his political power to shovel billions of dollars from the United States to Ukraine.

Deputies for President Joe Biden are asking Congress for at least $3.3 billion to help resettle millions of border-crossing migrants across the country, as well as another $21.6 billion to protect Ukraine’s border from Russians.

Migration money is being routed through several agencies, notably the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The agencies are used to direct government funds to non-profit organizations that transport, feed, house, and train millions of catch-and-release migrants for employment and housing that would otherwise go to Americans.

According to, $3.2 billion has been identified to assist migrants in settling in the United States, as well as $416 million for anti-drug efforts along the southern border:

… $2.65 billion is for Homeland Security Department efforts, including border management as well as shelter and services for migrants released from custody. That [$2.65 billion request] includes $416 million to help stop the flow of fentanyl over the border with “non-intrusive inspection system deployment.”

The State Department would receive $800 million for its migration assistance programs, and another $159 million would be provided for child labor investigations and enforcement and for immigration judge teams.

In addition, $100 million is requested to airlift more Ukrainian migrants from peaceful Western Europe into the United States.

It also requests $13.1 billion in military help to Ukraine, which has now halted Russia’s progress, and $7.5 billion in economic assistance to Ukraine.

Taxpayers in the United States have paid more than $100 billion to support Ukraine in the war, which has now devolved into a high-casualty, no-negotiations standoff.

Despite European offers of housing and jobs, almost 270,000 Ukrainians have already been allowed.

The request was made public by Punchbowl News, which published a White House letter requesting $12 billion “for FEMA, to address ongoing disaster response and recovery efforts.”

At the same time, New York officials are requesting $12 billion to assist them in supporting at least 100,000 lower-wage illegal migrants who are displacing less-skilled Americans from housing and jobs in the city. New York must be feeling the pain of their Democrat elected officials’ policies.

Regardless, why are billions upon billions of dollars being wasted to finance the lives of illegal immigrants who storm our borders and foreign wars that have nothing to do with us.

Meanwhile, Americans are struggling to make ends meet thanks to Biden’s failed economic policy.

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