Bob Menendez makes absurd claim that infuriates Americans following federal indictment

bob menendez

Bob Menendez was recently indicted on bribery charges, and his corruption is evident everywhere. However, he continues to deflect blame and refuses to admit any wrongdoing.

And now Bob Menendez has made an absurd claim following his federal indictment.

Menendez has been accused of accepting bribes from a wealthy donor in exchange for political favors. The donor, Salomon Melgen, is a Florida eye doctor who was convicted of healthcare fraud in 2017.

Menendez and Melgen have been friends for many years. Menendez has used his position in the Senate to help Melgen’s businesses, including by lobbying for a visa for one of Melgen’s girlfriends.

And even though Menendez has been indicted on bribery charges and the proof is overwhelmingly clear, he refuses to sign and has now made an outrageous claim that has Americans infuriated.

New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has claimed that he is only being targeted because he is Latino America.

Menendez’s refusal to resign is a disgrace.

He has been indicted on serious charges, and the American people should demand that he step down from his position in the Senate immediately.

Menendez claimed, “I have been falsely accused before because I refused to back down to the powers that be, and the people of New Jersey were able to see through the smoke and mirrors and recognize I was innocent.”

Menendez also claims that “Those behind this campaign simply cannot accept that a first generation Latin American from humble beginnings could rise to be a US senator.”

With as much obvious proof that there is, it is clear that Menendez is simply put a corrupt and lying politician.

Menendez has been under investigation by the FBI for several years and as the left so desperately claims, the FBI is nonpartisan, so how could they target Menendez because of his status as a Latino American?

The charges against Menendez are based on clear evidence of bribery and corruption and the claim that they are racially motivated is beyond absurd.

Bob Menendez is a disgrace for America and all politicians and figures on both sides of the alley should all be calling for his removal.

The Radical Left has been doing everything in their power to get Donald Trump locked up, and they are acting like he is worse than Menendez.

However, Donald Trump’s charges are absurd and baseless whereas the evidence against Menendez is beyond clear.

Now that one of their own has been indicted, the left seems unwilling to condemn Menendez’s actions.

America deserves better leadership and a better judicial system.

The American people know that Menendez is corrupt, yet he remains in office and there seems to be nothing anyone will do about it.

When will our elected officials truly be held accountable?

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