Bombshell update in this White House investigation will leave you stunned


The Biden administration is panicking. All eyes are on them for one shocking reason.

And a bombshell update in this White House investigation will leave you stunned.

Recently, the entire White House was put on lockdown after a suspicious white powder was found.

After initial testing, officials noted that it wasn’t anything deadly, like anthrax, but it was cocaine. Further testing confirmed the initial finding.

Unfortunately for Joe, this discovery coincided with his son, Hunter, visiting the White House for the holidays.

Given Hunter’s checkered past with crack and other illicit substances, it isn’t exactly a crazy thought to pin it on him.

But after an internal investigation, the results are in and they’ll infuriate you.

The Secret Service has concluded its investigation into cocaine discovered in the West Wing of the White House earlier this month without naming a suspect, Republican members of the House Oversight Committee informed The New York Post.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) rushed out of a briefing for lawmakers shortly after it started, calling the conclusion “bogus” and the inquiry a “complete failure.”

“They know who goes in the White House. They have facial identification, they have — y’all know you can’t go in there without giving your Social Security number anyway, and to say that it’s just some weekend visitor, that’s bogus,” Burchett said. “Nobody’s buying that at all.”

Republican senators stated that around one gram of the unlawful narcotic was discovered on July 2 in a storage locker inside the West Wing executive entrance, and that no cameras were set up to record footage of the perpetrator. According to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), the cocaine was discovered in the 15th of 182 lockers with the key missing.

“They were able to narrow down a list of approximately 500 people that had left a small bag of cocaine,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) told reporters.

“My question to them was, have they drug-tested this list of 500 potential suspects that brought an illegal substance, or drug, cocaine, into the White House? Their answer was ‘no’ and that they’re unwilling to do so.”

“The real concern here is American citizens every single day go through drug tests as part of their employment for their jobs. This is a common practice,” she added.

Routine drug tests are administered to President Biden’s employees, but not to White House visitors.

Boebert stated that it would have been “a very unusual thing to drug screen random citizens” and that she had constitutional reservations about conducting any drug tests.

“Every time there’s something strange going on with President Biden or his family, or anything regarding his administration or the White House, no one can ever seem to find an answer,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) also told reporters. “This is one of the most secure locations in the world, some of the best law enforcement officers in the world — and they don’t have any answers.”

Boebert described the unnamed probe as “disturbing” because she was one of several MPs “who were recently sent a white powdery substance in the mail.”

“There are no security measures in place at the White House to detect a substance, whether it be a Schedule II substance like cocaine that was recently found, marijuana, or even something more potentially dangerous like anthrax,” she said.

“In 2022, twice while going through screening, people were caught with marijuana in their possession,” Boebert added. “So for this being the third time that drugs were found on the White House property during the Biden administration certainly poses a question: What kind of people are we allowing to go onto that premise? And what is their actual purpose there?”