Breaking: Democrats rattled by major election interference allegation

Sam Bankman-Fried

Conservatives have long been suspicious of the Democrat Party’s election strategy. Now, we’re finally getting answers.

And Democrats were just rattled by a major election interference allegation.

Do you ever take a step back and wonder where the millions upon millions of dollars the Democrats spend every election comes from?

If you believe everything they say, then you’d just assume it must be small, grassroots donors sending in their hard-earned paychecks for the cause.

Well, the reality is that they have a whole host of billionaires and millionaires willing to prop up their agenda with money.

And, sometimes, they are willing to defraud Americans to funnel money for their pet projects and politicians.

Prosecutors charged disgraced former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried with seven counts of fraud and money laundering on Monday, alleging he stole over $100 million in customer monies to make political campaign contributions.

Bankman-Fried was originally charged with conspiracy to make illegal campaign contributions in 2022, but prosecutors dropped the case to assure the Bahamas permitted for his extradition back to the US.

The superseding indictment adheres to that arrangement by excluding that accusation.

According to Reuters, on Monday evening, the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan filed a superseding indictment against him, accusing him of encouraging other FTX officials to make payments in order to circumvent contribution limitations in order to press for crypto-friendly rules.

“He leveraged this influence, in turn, to lobby Congress and regulatory agencies to support legislation and regulation he believed would make it easier for FTX to continue to accept customer deposits and grow,” the indictment read.

“The defendant’s use of customer deposits to conduct a political influence campaign was part of the wire fraud scheme charged in the original indictment,” the indictment went on.

“And as part of the originally charged money laundering scheme, the defendant also concealed the source of his fraudulent proceeds through political straw donations.”

Bankman-Fried had provided $39.8 million to Democratic political campaigns before FTX’s demise, making him the party’s second-largest donor behind George Soros.

Bankman-Fried was previously under house arrest at his parents’ home, but he was recently ordered to report to a New York City jail for violating bail conditions.

His trial date has been scheduled for October.

Just let that sink in, the second largest donor to Democratic political campaigns got his money by defrauding customers and investors.

And, now, the government isn’t even going to charge him with that crime.

Just imagine if Donald Trump or some conservative were accused of the same thing.

The media would never let the story die. But if Democrats do it, it magically doesn’t matter.

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