Capitol Hill stunned after leading senator calls it quits

Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Being a politician has its challenges. But this senator couldn’t handle the pressure any longer.

And Capitol Hill is stunned after a leading senator calls it quits.

On Tuesday, Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) announced that she will retire from the Senate at the end of this year.

That will now make the race for her senate seat between Kari Lake (R) and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ).

Sinema was only able to raise just $595,000 for her campaign in the last quarter of 2023.

Lake and Gallego were able to raise much more in comparison.

“Because I choose civility, understanding, listening, working together to get stuff done, I will leave the Senate at the end of this year,” Sinema said in a video that was posted on X.

If Republicans are able to pick up Sinema’s seat in the Senate, than that would be a massive victory for the party.

“An open sea in Arizona creates a unique opportunity for Republicans to build a lasting Senate majority this November. With recent polling showing Kyrsten Sinema pulling far more Republican voters than Democrat voters, her decision to retire improves Kari Lake’s opportunity to flip this seat,” National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Steve Daines (R-MT) announced.

Lake had some rather kind words to say about Sinema regarding her decision to step down at the end of 2024.

“Senator Sinema had the courage to stand tall against the Far-Left in defense of the filibuster–despite the overwhelming pressure from the radicals in her party like Ruben Gallego who called on her to burn it all down,” Lake said in an X post.

“Ruben Gallego would be a radical departure from the representation we have had in Arizona. He votes with Joe Biden 100% of the time, supported the Iran Deal, sanctuary cities, defunding the police, and voting rights for everyone pouring across the border. He even called the border wall ‘stupid.'”

Gallego thanked Sinema in an X post of his own before pushing his radical Leftist agenda that includes “protecting abortion access.”

“I want to thank @SenatorSinema for her nearly two decades of service to our state,” Gallego’s post said.

“Arizona, we are at a crossroads. Protecting abortion access, tackling housing affordability, securing our water supply, defending our democracy–all of this and more is on the line. I’ts time Democrats, Independents, and Republicans come together and reject Kari Lake and her dangerous positions.”

Right now Democrats have a two seat majority in the Senate. So the fight between Gallego and Lake for Sinema’s seat will prove to be a major race that will contribute to which party has the majority in the Senate for the next several years.

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