Clarence Thomas is smacked with wild accusation from the liberal media

Clarence Thomas

The radical Left cannot stand the conservative Justice. His strong right-leaning ideology is too much for them to handle.

And Clarence Thomas is smacked with a wild accusation from the liberal media.

Democrats have basically considered themselves at war with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

For years, they have opposed the staunch conservatism that he brings to the bench.

But that opposition was especially heightened after the reversal of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court in June of 2022.

The Left is now trying to attack Thomas and his family with every chance they get.

In their latest attack, the New York Times (NYT) published a piece that went after Thomas and his clerks, with the headline, “Clarence Thomas’s Clerks: An ‘Extended Family’ With Reach and Power.”

The Times posted the article on X on Christmas morning, causing an uproar from defenders of Thomas.

“Justice Clarence Thomas has assembled a network of former clerks who serve as powerful agents of his conservative ideology, wielding influence at the nation’s law schools, top law firms, the judiciary and the highest reaches of government,” the NYT post on X said.

The post was met with hundreds of critical comments, with most wondering why the NYT would attack Thomas for simply building a solid network of law clerks.

“If you find it offensive for people to collaborate and build influence in our society… you should consider talking to the many liberal minded Democrats and start shaming them for their influence…and why stop there… look at yourself in the mirror and have a conversation about your own influencing operations,” one X user said.

“It’s almost as if Justice Thomas puts a lot of effort into selecting smart, hard working law clerks,” another user stated.

The Times’ piece also makes a point to go after Virginia Thomas, Clarence Thomas’ wife.

She has been met with controversy over the years for questioning the results of the 2020 election.

This isn’t the first and last time Thomas and his family have been the subject of the Left’s ruthless attacks.

With Democrats trying to win at every cost, expect even more strikes against Thomas and his fellow conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

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