CNN finally admits the truth about Donald Trump

donald trump

The obsession of the Fake News Media outlets with Donald Trump is extreme. They will do anything to disparage the former President.

But CNN just finally admitted the truth about Donald Trump they didn’t want anyone to know.

Legal analyst Michael Moore of CNN suggested on Tuesday that if Judge Juan Merchan decides to incarcerate former President Donald Trump for repeatedly violating a gag order, it might paradoxically serve Trump’s political interests. Merchan recently admonished Trump for the tenth time for disregarding the gag order, indicating that further breaches could result in imprisonment. Moore explained on “CNN News Central” that while imprisoning Trump might seem like a punitive measure, it could actually bolster his political image.

He speculated that Merchan might still opt for jail time to rein in Trump’s rhetoric, despite the potential political advantage it could provide Trump.

Moore empathized with Merchan’s dilemma, imagining the judge’s internal debate: How does he enforce respect for the court while grappling with Trump’s persistent breaches? Does he risk granting Trump a political boon by imprisoning him, considering that Trump’s detention would likely be far from conventional?

“How do I get Trump’s attention? How do I maintain the integrity and the respect of the court?” Moore asked live during an appearance on CNN.

Moore highlighted the likelihood of Trump’s isolation in a secure facility, shielded from the typical hardships of incarceration, such as communal living arrangements. Trump, according to Moore, understands this dynamic and exploits it, leaving the judge struggling to contain the torrent of Trump’s outspokenness.

“How do I protect this process? How do I protect the trial? And at the same time, do I fall into the trap of giving Trump this big political gift of putting him in jail? Because of the fact is he’d never be in jail in a place where any common person might serve any amount of time,” Moore went on to add in his comments.

The gag order prohibits Trump from discussing certain individuals and topics related to his trial, with Merchan having previously found Trump in contempt for nine violations, imposing fines and warning of potential jail time for future infractions. Despite Trump’s recent compliance, Moore emphasized the gravity of the prospect of imprisonment, underscoring its potential impact on Trump’s demeanor.

“He may never even see another inmate, it’s not like he’s going to have to shower in the shower room or use the toilet room with everybody else. That’s just not the way it would work. And so it would really be a gift, I think, for Trump,” Moore claimed in his statement.

Mr. Moore also claimed that Trump may be intentionally trying to get the prosecution to overplay their hand and get him put behind bars in some capacity because he knows that the Trump voting base will only get further jazzed up by such a move.

“And that’s why he’s playing this card because he knows that the likelihood of him being incarcerated is slim to none, but the poor judge is sort of like the boy in the dike, he’s got his finger in the hole trying to stop the flood, but he can only do so much,” Moore said of the case.

Former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman cautioned that Merchan’s failure to follow through on the threat of incarceration could undermine his authority and bolster Trump’s defiance. Tolman contended that Merchan’s position has become increasingly precarious due to his own actions, implying that he must now imprison Trump to avoid appearing weak.

In a separate development, adult film star Stormy Daniels testified against Trump in his trial concerning an alleged hush money payment related to a pre-election affair.

This ultimately highlights the reality of the Trump legal attacks that many on the Left are only just now waking up to. Donald Trump wants his political opponents to continue to paint him as a boogeyman.

Donald Trump being the boogeyman helped him in 2016. Simply put, the American people have, for decades, loved the underdog. Even when the “underdog” is no real underdog, as long as the optics look that way, that’s all that matters.

In this case, Donald Trump wants it to appear as though the radical Left is overplaying its hand and specifically going after a former U.S. President in the most unprecedented and potentially illegal way.

It’s hard to argue that this idea doesn’t have merit at this point given the convenient timing of all these legal cases being brought against Donald Trump that are coming to the forefront just before a major Presidential election. Oh and the man they are going after just so happens to be leading in all the major national surveys. Super convenient.

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